Troubador Fifty Minutes

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838593612

eISBN: 9781838598235

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Fifty Minutes


Introducing readers to the world of counselling and psychotherapy, Fifty Minutes is a collection of fictional dialogues. As readers witness therapy sessions and their impact upon the ordinary lives of the characters, they gain a unique insight into the nature of the work, without textbook jargon.

A host of characters populate Fifty Minutes. Readers meet Tess, who is coming to the end of her life and wants to share some old feelings that never really left her; Meg, who is processing the end of a long-term illicit relationship which gets muddled with grieving for her suicidal mother; and Jack and Christine, a married couple on the brink of collapse. Even the therapist with no name has her own life experiences that get a little muddled in the work.

What is therapy and how does it help with the necessary dilemmas that we suffer and face during the lifespan? Fifty Minutes demonstrates the complexity, but also the value of treating one another with humility, compassion and acceptance.

I absolutely loved this-- I loved being able to see not only the story of clients, but also that of the therapists throughout each fifty minute session. As someone who struggles with going to therapy, I was able to relate to some of the clients, and some of the therapists and clients conclusions hit hard. When some of the clients were angry with the therapists responses, I found myself understanding finally why therapy works the way it does and how it may not seem so to begin with. I am unsure whether I just do not understand the "point" of the story, but while I followed along, I did feel as though there was some part missing, though I do not know what.

by Chloe

The description of the book really caught my eye. I was curious to see what issues the characters would have, and how the therapist would react, where the train of thoughts would go.

The book starts with a intro, that looked a bit too much to me - a bit too dramatic, given I expected something a bit more realistic, non-fictional explanation before we met the fictional characters. It wasn't bad per se, but definitely not what I expected, which disappointed me a bit.
After the intro, we get to see session after session, with some of the patients appearing only for one session, some for more. It was interesting to see an array of some very different people being presented, although I'm a bit surprised in how many of the cases cheating was involved - I think with only one patient character we don't see it at all. I was, in a way, hoping to see more diverse issues between the patients.
In the text we also see how the therapist thinks and feels while the patients talk with her, which adds an interesting touch to the sessions. However, I was a bit surprised at the therapist's own feelings and reactions at moments, then again - as many different people there are, there at at least that many different reactions that could occur, and they weren't unrealistic, just surprising to me.

Throughout the book, the narrator is the therapist, which makes the book feel a bit like a memoir. Reading the book was overall a nice journey and, while I don't personally feel moved by the stories, I can see how they could affect, even help other readers.

by Oxana

As someone who strongly believes in therapy and goes on a semi-regular basis this book was amazing. I really connected to the skepticism that a lot of people face when going into therapy, the wanting to hide how they are feeling, how they want to put on a front of how they are really truly feeling. They avoid the help they truly need. This book really opened my eyes to how much more honest I need to be with myself, and my therapist if I want help. Plus the stories were pretty exciting and interesting! I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

by Mandy

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