Troubador Fifth Season

Released: 28/10/2022

ISBN: 9781803133140

Format: Paperback

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Fifth Season


His last collection of short stories and poetry focused on the chaos surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, but Richard Dalgety has changed his tune and, with his newest collection, is now focusing on a brighter future for all. Fifth Season now examines how we can look at situations and attitudes with a positive light, focusing on those subjects that can lead us out of the darkness that a global pandemic brings with it.

Written in bars and cafes in Manchester, New York, Vienna and Oslo, this widespread collection will appeal to all, from readers who enjoy such collections and well as people interested in the issues that have touched us all throughout the pandemic, and to those looking for a positive outlook on life as we head to the future. As the titular poem says:

'We stumble blindly yet excitedly

Into that dangerous fifth season.'

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