Troubador Eyestandia

Released: 02/01/2014

ISBN: 9781783062058

eISBN: 9781783068104

Format: Paperback/eBook

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or… The way other people might see us


What would happen if the descendants of the last survivors from Earth, looking for sanctuary, finally reach another civilised planet?

You may remember terms such as CDOs (from the world of finance) and WMDs (from the world of politics) flying around in the news over the last decade. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter because they don’t appear in this book, although something like them does...

For years, the inhabitants of Eyestandia have been studying the Earth’s civilisation from radio waves they have been receiving. The ‘other people’ of this new utopian-like world have a naïve understanding of the modern workings of our planet.

The people of Eyestandia ask questions about Earth’s society, in particular about the deference which is paid to all things money-related, and what is meant by the word equality. This leads to a head-on clash of ideals about money, ambition and profit, which are all non-existent in this new world.

Eyestandia or… The way other people might see us is a fictional satire. It is a social, economic and political fantasy intended to amuse and entertain. It reflects the fact that in this modern world we are constantly subjected to being told what is ‘correct thinking’, but the smallest glance into history will show that this alters with the passage of time.

Using a ‘what if?’ scenario to imagine a civilized society on a different planet, Eyestandia will appeal not just to fans of science fiction, but those who are interested in comparing a completely different set of ideals to their own.

Journal of a Paperbackpacker, 24 January

I absolutely loved it. I would not be surprised if the book might one day become a film! The satire can be seen only if you have a certain perspective of life, people like Toby Lyre certainly won't find it funny but I know many people who will love this book and will find it inspiring.
Eyestandia is full of very interesting ideas and opportunities to look at our own world from a different perspective.

by Francesca Ardiccioni

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