Troubador Evil at the Core

Released: 28/03/2022

ISBN: 9781803130835

Format: Paperback

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Evil at the Core


Having just lost his job and his wife in one stroke, Quentin Grayling’s life has fallen apart. Snapping, he sets off on a mad, unplanned adventure, from England to New York, during which he finds himself the victim of a couple of attempts on his life… but for what reason?
Quentin lost his parents early in life; brought up by his forbidding grandmother, he was a ‘refugee’ in his aristocratic family, the only rays of light in his life being his loving aunt Charlotte and Jimmy, an odd-job man around the estate. His aunt’s son Jack, the heir to the family wealth, was his nemesis and persecutor.
In New York, Quentin runs into Claire, who is running from a pursuer of her own and together they escape across the Pacific to Fiji where Quentin realises he is still under threat.
From Fiji to New Zealand, and New Zealand to Singapore, Quentin discovers love and starts unravelling the mystery of the chase; and then begins to set a trap for his assailant…

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