Troubador Evil at the Core

Released: 28/04/2022

ISBN: 9781803130835

eISBN: 9781803138527

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Evil at the Core


Having just lost everything at a stroke, Quentin Grayling’s life has fallen apart. Snapping, he sets off on a mad, unplanned adventure, from England to New York, and finds himself in serious danger… for reasons unclear.

Quentin was brought up as an orphan in a dysfunctional and hostile environment, but for the two people who made his life worthwhile.

In New York, Quentin encounters the kindness of strangers, and a traumatised woman trying to escape her own hell. Together they flee, but Quentin finds himself still under threat.

Whilst fleeing from the invisible enemy, the mystery starts unravelling - culminating in a violent denouement and a descent into darkness.

I devoured this book in one go! I loved it! I took it with me on the train and couldn’t put it down! I even missed announcements about changes to the journey and found that I was one of a handful of people left on the train! I read it in one day which is very rare for me!

I loved the way the author portrayed the characters and the twist to the end of the story. It was full of action and suspense. I also like the moral message of good vs evil and the whole idea of justice being served. Amongst the greed and wickedness I saw lots of love and kindness which transcended cultural prejudices!

by Veronica Bailey

I enjoyed reading this book very much. Following the character introductions, the story takes you around the world, thrilling at many turns, resulting in a real page-turner. The locations are well described and the actions and motivations of some of the characters throw up the notion of what evil really is.

There are some wonderful pop culture references (including one from Clark Gable's Rhett Butler from 1939s Gone with the Wind) and a couple of mysteries that are tied up with a great twist at the end.

Thoroughly Recommended!

by Chris Bailey

What a page turner packed with mystery intrigue ,twists and turns that take you on an exciting adventure round the globe. Calling it a thriller does not do it full justice for it has a theme of human condition with its trials and tribulations, friendships, betrayals, loss and gain all beautifully depicted. My most favourite parts were the lines at the begining of each chapter which are spoken from the heart and set the scene for each chapter giving the reader a heightened sense of anticipation of what is to come. A book that has to be read at one go, you simply can not put it down. An excellent debut novel and I look forward to more from Vinquita Romaine.

by Karen Holland

What an exciting rollercoaster ride. From start to finish it had me gripped. I loved that local places were referenced and the descriptions created a visceral experience.
The author is clever in constructing mystery and curiosity from the first chapter and the twists and turns will keep you guessing till the very end.
I can’t wait to see what the author writes next….

by Sally Raymond

An impressive debut novel with an engaging storyline. The taut plot and non-stop action make this a welcome addition to the thriller genre.
The cover picture sets the tone for a story of adventure, betrayal, love and, yes, evil.
The author's style is gripping and you will keep turning the pages long into the night.
Here you will meet characters like Jack Hillier and Aunt Charlotte, both absolutely true to life!
Looking forward to the author's next book.

by Vivek Arya

This debut novel was gripping reading with many twists and turns and fascinating characters. The author shows a fantastic imagination and an excellent writing style, making this novel a real page turner. Highly recommended for someone who enjoys a great plot and an exciting read.

by Lynn Lloyd-Jones

A novel that exemplifies the virtues of good and evil in all its permutations in the myriad of human scenarios, and across global daises.
Quentin's life experiences has led the author through a maze of intrigue, deceit, traumatic events and eventual salvation.
A brilliant start to a career that of a fiction writer

by Suhaylah Sheikh

I couldn't put this one down! Brilliant plot with excellent twists and turns. Characters that will stay with you. Wonderful first novel.

by MH Tims

Evil at the Core by Vinquito Romaine is about Quentin the global citizen and his tribulations from childhood to experiences in in different cultures during his life.
It is about hope, friendship,love and the dangers of Evil in any form.
The different characters that shape his life through difficulties to the final stages of success and happiness.
A narrative about friends,love and travel through different lands with lot of insight.
A little more on the background of different cultural habits and influences would have been interesting.
But still there is lots for the World Citizen of this interconnected world to savour.
Read the book in one go for the interest it created.

by RS Virk

This is a perfect read for that long plane ride. It has original and well-delineated characters and a vivid narrative that lets you inhabit the mind of the central character. The intrigue builds slowly, and it is hard at first to guess where the story might be headed -- but the pace accelerates in the climactic chapters with an entirely unanticipated twist in the tale.

by Diskrybe

Delightful reading. Very fast moving , crisp and clean.

by G Bhamathi

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