Troubador Evie's Diary

Released: 01/12/2012

ISBN: 9781780883274

Format: Paperback

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Evie's Diary

A Bad Cat's View of Life


What do people think it’s like living with an over-sexed, ginger pumpkin, two mad humans and a cast of feline misfits?

Forget about caring cats and hero cats; Evie is a bad cat with a bad cat’s view of life. She is small, smart and black and lived wild until she was caught by the lumpy old cat rescuer who ended up adopting her. Evie’s Diary reveals her contempt for her fellow felines and for her humans, the Earth Mother and Poor Roger, who are no match for Evie’s manipulative little brain. Evie finds herself living with a weird array of felines, including Benjamin Wobble, a porky ginger boy with mobility problems, Bella, a Persian resembling a hairy beetroot and the ancient, fur-covered coathanger, Bonnie Bun-Bun. Evie has harsh things to say about these creepy cats that suck up to the humans in return for goodies and cuddles, but has a grudging admiration for the wild cats that rampage around the garden.

The Earth Mother is involved in rescuing unwanted cats and kittens on behalf of the local Cats Protection Branch and Evie delights in tormenting the numerous waifs and strays. Occasionally, she is impressed by the appalling behaviour of these temporary residents, such as Frank, the blue-eyed vandal that imprisons the Earth Mother in the garage, and Griselda, the gorgeous girl that specialises in remodelling people’s faces. The real worry, of course, is the power exercised by such a dreadful cat over the Earth Mother and Poor Roger, proving once and for all that humans are well down the pecking order and should just be grateful that cats like Evie condescend to share their lives...

Evie’s Diary is a humorous work of adult fiction, narrated from a rescue cat’s point of view, that will appeal to feline lovers everywhere. Author Heather Cook has been inspired by James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small.

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If you like cats you'll love this book. A relaxing read and highly a-mew-sing from start to finish. Once started, difficult to put down. A real feel good book.

by John Knott

A wonderful book, so funny but the stories are so true. The EM and Poor Roger are well under the paw and give their feline friends so much care and love.

by Jenny Stevens

 Heather Cook

I really don't mind being known as the Mad Catwoman, which is just as well! I was Homing Officer for Cats Protection Woking Branch for nearly 30 years and found homes for thousands of waifs and strays, many of which managed to worm their way into my affections and into the pages of my books.

In 2011 I was honoured to be chosen as Cats Protection's Volunteer of the Year.

I wrote a monthly column in Your Cat magazine for 10 years and have previously written 3 cat books. I've always tried to capture the lighter side of life with cats and have never been short of raw material with a house full of Special Needs felines!

Not a Cat in Sight!

The Author with Benjamin Wobble
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