Troubador Enya's Last Stalker

Released: 04/12/2020

eISBN: 9781800468122

Format: eBook

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Enya's Last Stalker

Fantomas's Letter to Norman


Suitable for any age, Enya's Last Stalker is a tasty comedy, mixing the English humour with the Balkan humour. Exciting for many of Enya Brennan’s fans, the thread of the story is connected around Enya’s historical castle, surrounded by mystery. Norman, the main character, is one of the most original Irish men. He says “I love you” to every woman. The biggest adventure of his life is related to Enya’s castle. It’s probably the only book where you can meet both Enya and Fantomas, a French hero.

Reality or fiction? You can find out for yourself.

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Samoil Lavric

Hi all. My name is Samoil Lavric. I was born in Romania, a wonderful country. I graduated my high school at Philology profile. After that I graduated the faculty of Law. I'm a tennis player now. I liked to read books since my childhood. I read about 2000 books. My favourite writer is Dostoyevsky. I composed a few poems in Romanian, jokes, pamphlets, essays. "Enya's last stalker" is my first ebook written in English, being a comedy. I hope you will enjoy my ebooks published with Matador. I wish you all the best. See you soon.

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