Troubador Enya's Last Stalker

Released: 04/12/2020

eISBN: 9781800468122

Format: eBook

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Enya's Last Stalker

Fantomas's Letter to Norman


Suitable for any age, Enya's Last Stalker is a tasty comedy, mixing the English humour with the Balkan humour. Exciting for many of Enya Brennan’s fans, the thread of the story is connected around  Enya’s historical castle, surrounded by mystery. Norman, the main character, is one of the most original Irish men. He says “I love you” to every woman. The biggest adventure of his life is related to Enya’s castle. It’s probably the only book where you can meet both Enya and Fantomas, a French hero. 

Reality or fiction? You can find out for yourself.

Is the best . Amazing!!!

by Anxhelo

I think this is the funniest comedy I read in the last five years. How is possible to create such a strange character, a man who says "I love you" to every woman? And Enya? What's happened with Enya? I'm really scared for her! Is this story real or fiction?

by Faisal Riaz

I read this book its very nice smooth and cultural ,very funny and the characters in the story are amazing mind blowing especially Norman and his connection to the story ,GOD BLESS US ALL

by adam

Wow! Amazing, astonishing, awesome, brilliant, outstanding, wonderful, five stars, professional comedy! I think it's a good idea to read comedies and watching more funny videos during this pandemic time. The less we are worried about it, the better it is. I love this comedy, sometimes with an unorthodox humor, being short, but full of quality. I have laughed at almost every phrase! Being a big fan of Enya, I was wondering how is she living in that historical castle, just outside Dublin. She seems to be the Queen of Ireland, having a big staff. Yes, she had a lot of stalkers... I hope this one is the last one! And what about No Mercy? Does Enya have the bravest cat in the world?... I would like to have a cat like that at home, braver than a dog. I'm wondering what is real and what is fictional in this comedy, but the humor is simply delicious and the style is awesome. Of course, especially for Enya's fans it's simply breathtaking! Obviously, I gave it five stars. I will recommend this comedy to all my friends to distract them from their concerns about Coronavirus. I'm eager to read a new ebook by this author.

by Vita

Very interesting and hilarious style of comedy. Just what I needed at this time. A real, original piece of literature, with some classic characters. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for laugh in these tough times.

by Tony Turvey

One of the funniest comedies I ever read, from my point of view. Oh, really? Is Fantomas still alive? I'm wondering if that letter is real or it's just a fake letter. However, this comedy deserves five stars. It's something funny in almost every phrase. I want to read a new comedy by this author as soon as possible.

by Jean Garcia

Very weird! How much alcohol should you have in your blood to make a confusion between Fantomas, the smartest killer of all time, and a cat? There are a lot of funny moments in this comedy, anyway. Especially when NO MERCY "arrested" Norman. Oh, poor man, humble man! I have read a few new comedies this year and this is by far the most interesting. I laughed at almost every phrase because of this hilarious main character, Norman, WORLD NUMBER ONE! I would like to read about new adventures with Norman "WORLD NUMBER ONE". I recommend this comedy to all my friends.

by Naomi Nakata

Very nice story! I'm listening to Enya's music since my childhood. I'm a huge of her. I heard about her problems with stalkers. This is a good lesson for stalkers. What should you expect as a stalker inside of Enya,s castle? Surprises, surprises! I know, she has a lot of cats. Good job, NO MERCY! You are the bravest cat of all time! Five stars, undoubtedly!

by Kei Suzuki

What should I learn from this character, Norman "WORLD NUMBER ONE?" To say "I love you" to every woman? I'm a very shy man and I was lonely for a very long time. So, maybe I should try his revolutionary techniques, ha ha ha! I'm joking, of course. Stunning comedy!

by Jason Butler

Best seller! This is the most original comedy I read in the last 10 years. The author is very creative. I'm waiting for the next work.

by Sorin Cojocaru

Oh my goodness! Is this man real? Where is he living? My boyfriend said to me "I love you" last time 4 years ago. I suppose Norman "WORLD NUMBER ONE" is very charming. I want to meet him! I LOVE YOU, NORMAN WORLD NUMBER ONE! You make a lot of women happy! Very nice style of comedy. Exactly what I needed during these pandemic times. Highly recommended for my friends and for everybody!

by Charlie Harrison

Wow! Can you imagine Enya talking with a journalist during an interview about this story? I think she will laugh a lot, especially because of her very brave cat, NO MERCY. I think she already knows this story as she has supernatural powers. But I think she doesn't mind. Certainly, this comedy deserves 5 stars!

by Pamela Toyosaki

I don't think this story is real, but the main character, Norman, seems to be so. Very strange and original character. The story is a bit too long, but very funny, anyway.

by Mike Tennyson

I love this original comedy. The style is unique and the thread of the story is flowing. It's simply breathtaking. I love Norman "WORLD NUMBER ONE", I love NO MERCY, and, of course, I love Enya. The connection with Fantomas is very interesting. But I don't want to tell you the story. You have to read it. It takes no more than 15 minutes. It's a very good medicine in these tough times. Warmly recommended for all of you, no matter of your age.

by Patrick Zimmer

To be honest, I can't imagine Enya, the most elegant lady I ever seen, calling her favourite cat "NO MERCY". Of course, the author called her cat "NO MERCY" to suit to the story. But it's very funny, anyway. Fictional, in my opinion.

by Benny

Stalkers, again? I know, Enya is very kind with everybody, even with those who don't deserve this. I hope she is well. May God protect you, Enya, the Queen of music of all time.

by Katy Yoshida

Very funny! Best seller!

by Hristo Valeov

It's an outstanding comedy, one of the funniest I ever read, mostly fictional, in my opinion. Oh, I just wanted before Coronavirus to have a dinner with Enya, but I was told first of all I have to arrange an appointment with NO MERCY, "the new master of Enya's security"! She will decide if you are eligible or not. Perhaps I'm joking, ha ha! I like this unorthodox humor, mixing different types of humor from different countries. I think everybody should read this comedy during this pandemic times to get away their fears about Coronavirus. I'm eager to read a new comedy by Samoil Lavric.

by Eve Takahashi

I really think, this comedy should receive the prize for originality. The content it's simply flowing, the episodes are mind blowing, there are a lot of surprises and hilarious situations. This comedy is probably inspired and written for the love of this angel - Enya.

by Francisca Gonzalez

What a stunning comedy! I think it's the funniest comedy I read in the last years. I like Norman, one of the most original characters nowadays. I like his weird reflections, his "wisdom", his original style of behavior. Of course, I love Enya and her heavenly music. Even in these tough conditions she doesn't lose her elegant style and her sense of humor. Five stars, certainly!

by Holly

I like the motto: "I'm braver than a crocodile, I'm braver than a hippopotamus; I'm in serious trouble just with the most ambitious cats in the world". Usually I'm in serious trouble with" cats with two legs. Very funny comedy and very talented writer. Keep going, Samoil.

by Michael Edwards

Very weird, but very funny comedy. This is the most interesting comedy I have read this year. The humor it's delicious and the thread of the story it's simply flowing. Very original character, Norman world number one. If you want to take your stress away in these difficult times you should read this comedy. If you are too worried, what can you earn? A good humor is a good medicine in these pandemic times. Highly recommended for all of you!

by Lee Kirishima

I'm considering myself a real stalker. This main character, Norman fake "WORLD NUMBER ONE" is a shame for our guild! He makes a confusion between Fantomas and a cat, he is terrorized by that cat and he is begging for her mercy. Of course, the story is very funny for other people, but it's a shame for our brand of stalkers! Stay at home, Norman, stay safe, save lives, protect NHS. Don't try this again! Next time I will catch you!

by James

Lucky stalker! Nobody called the police to arrest this trespasser. but No Mercy did the police job excellent. very interesting inspiration! I think the story is mainly fictional, even though Norman seems to be a real, original character. No more stalkers for Enya, I hope. Very funny style of comedy.

by Francesco Vilardo

I really enjoyed this comedy. If somebody is sad I would like to recommend it. It's a rain of laughs. It's not easy to find such a hilarious character like Norman. I'm wondering who wrote Fantomas's letter as it is written on 1st April, the day of fools. Of course, Fantomas is dead, but I'm not sure 100%. Maybe is still alive, ha ha! I don't think so. The connection with Fantomas is brilliant. I laughed after almost every phrase.

by Nancy Sullivan

Oh, this is a toy stalker, not a real stalker. Enya never had previously such a funny stalker. This is the funniest stalker she ever had. And this seems to be the only stalker welcomed by Enya in her castle. What a hilarious story!

by Phil Carrick

I don't think Fantomas himself wrote that letter. I think it's a fake letter as it is written on 1st April, the day of fools. Obviously, Fantomas passed away. He is considered nowadays the smartest killer of all time. Very weird, but very funny comedy.

by Petit Mathieu

Very hilarious type of comedy. I think Norman, having a very low level of education would have become famous just by himself either climbing the Eiffel Tower or being a stalker of Enya. He chose the second option. Now he managed to be famous. Well done, Norman! You deserve to be WORLD NUMBER ONE, indeed!

by Paul Reilly

Oh, is Enya in trouble with stalkers again? Even though this one seems to be the lest dangerous stalker she ever had. May God protect you, Enya, my favorite singer!

by Amanda Suarez

It's one of the most original comedies I read in the last couple of years. A man who says "I love you" to every woman, who enter Enya's castle like a trespasser, destroying the security system of the castle in just two minutes, who calls himself "world number one", who is "braver than a crocodile", "braver than a hippopotamus", behaving in Enya's castle as though is in his own house and finally being punished by No Mercy, Enya's cat, for his boldness, and an elegant, imperturbable Enya, who keeps her sense of humor even in such dangerous situations, makes this comedy being the most hilarious and interesting comedy I read in the last five years. Highly recommended for everybody, no matter of your age.

by Rachel

I really enjoyed this comedy. As a big fan of Enya I was scared and I had big emotions while I was reading it until finally I realized it's a fiction story. It's simply breathtaking! Very original sense of humor! I don't know why "Fantomas letter to Norman" was placed after "Enya's last stalker" as chronologically it was released firstly. Perhaps the author considered "Enya's last stalker" as being more interesting and funnier than "Fantomas's letter to Norman".

by Sergio Helguera

I'm very curious to find out who wrote "Fantomas's letter" to Norman. Norman, obviously, has a very low level of education. He doesn't know that Fantomas passed away about one century ago, so somebody cheated him. He calls himself "WORLD NUMBER ONE", he has an obsession for this fake title. So, he is living in his own world with this ranking. But because he became a stalker of Enya, he achieves probably the goal of his life: to become famous. Brilliant piece of literature!

by Oceane Dodin

The peak of hypocrisy: be drunk and pretend you are awake. Norman, the main character was already drunk, but he pretended to be awake". But in this condition "in just two minutes he covered 10 CCTV-cameras and blocked all the alarms". Wow! This man really deserves to be WORLD NUMBER ONE! This is the most weird and hilarious comedy I read this year. Just perfect for these tough times.

by Charlie

Nicely done! I think Norman will be one of the most loved characters in comedies. And NO MERCY, as rarely you can see nowadays in literature cats who are talking. And Fantomas reinvented. I highly recommend this comedy for anyone is looking for an unorthodox type of humor, especially in these hard times.

by Sasha Modica

How many times was Enya targeted by stalkers? She received a lot of threatening letters and death threats but never complained to the police. And she reached such a high level in music in these very tough conditions! Fortunately, this is just a comedy. Very nice story, amazing imagination to create such a funny stalker. I want to read a new story about this hilarious character, Norman.

by Cathy

One of the funniest comedies I have read this year. I like the original style of painting this weird character, Norman, with all his strange habits, verbal tics, unique manners. The most interesting episode is when No Mercy, Enya's favourite cat, "arrested him". I have at home 10 cats. I wish I had just one who can speak with me, like No Mercy, this magic cat. Very rarely we can see nowadays comedies with talkative animals and very smart like No Mercy is! Very original style of humour and a unique e-book.

by Florin Coman

A lovely, light, easy read,
enjoyable and great for Enya lovers
an interesting, funny point of view

by Jade Edwards

I liked this comedy with a very nice style of humour, one of the funniest short stories I read in the last years. This Irish guy, Norman, it's ridiculous. He has an obsession regarding gay people. Apart of Enya, every V.I.P. is gay for him. Maybe he is frustrated because of his low social condition. Enya is the only V.I.P. respected by him. But, of course, the author tried to describe him as he is, with all his weird habits and opinions. This is why I like this comedy especially for its originality. I highly recommend this comedy for all those who want to find reasons for laugh in these pandemic times.

by Cosmin Badescu

So Fantomas asked Norman to climb the Eiffel Tower in one hour, no more than sixty minutes without proper equipment as a condition to become WORLD NUMBER ONE. But this is not a very difficult task to conquer such a huge title. The best recorded time for climbing the Eiffel Tower without proper equipment was 45 minutes. But becoming a stalker of Enya Norman thinks he deserves to be WORLD NUMBER ONE. Very funny guy! And very funny stalker! Enya seemed to enjoy his visit. No more stalkers for Enya, I hope. It's one of the funniest comedies I ever read.

by Gilles Elisee

I'm wondering if Enya ever had stalkers as funny as Norman. This guy enters Enya's castle like a trespasser, is very lucky as nobody from Enya's staff called the police. He seems to be very charming as the youngest girl of Enya's staff is interested to get married to him. He says "I love you" to 10 women in less than 10 minutes, being probably the only man on the planet who says "I love you" to every woman. He behaves as though he is in his own house, as he said previously: "I will feel in Enya's castle like a fish in its own water". But finally he is punished by NO MERCY for his bravery. Being obsessed by Fantomas's ghost, he thinks that Fantomas wants to punish him for being rude with him. He doesn't know that Fantomas passed away more than fifty years ago. But it doesn't matter, as finally Enya says to him: "Welcome to my castle, my wild child. I love you, too". I think this is the only stalker welcomed by Enya in her castle. Very interesting adventure, very funny comedy! Perfect for these tough times.

by Fabrizio Coutinho

Fantomas was reinvented. Nicely done! Obviously, "Fantomas's letter", being written on 1st April, the day of fools, was a fake letter. It was written perhaps because Norman, having a very poor general knowledge, was misinformed about Fantomas, the smartest killer ever, who passed away in the last century, more than 50 years ago. He was world number one, indeed, but just as a killer, as the police couldn't arrest him, couldn't catch him alive as he used the smartest tricks to escape. Norman wants to be world number one, but is not a killer, in the worst case is a trespasser and a funny stalker of Enya. But being obsessed of this title, he tries all his best to become famous, to be world number one. Because he missed to climb the Eiffel Tower to become world number one, he tries to get this title or at least to become famous being a stalker of Enya. Entering Enya's castle like a trespasser he behaves as though he is in her own house. According to his own habits, he says "I love you" to every woman from Enya's staff. In the last moments he is punished by No Mercy, Enya's favourite cat, for his boldness. Enya, keeping her calm and sense of humour, is the only woman who says "I love you" to Norman, but in a special way. It's a very interesting connection between Fantomas and this story. I wish I could have known more details about this story, but perhaps the inspiration had a long process and it's a comedy, not a novel, very short and very funny. I highly recommend this story to everyone, no matter of your age, especially in these pandemic times, when people are looking for reasons to laugh.

by Petit Mahut

Wow! I never heard about a stalker like Norman. Everything is very weird, very hilarious. I'm wondering if a man like this does exist on the planet. I think is the most inoffensive stalker of all time, as NO MERCY correctly concluded: "He doesn't look like a trespasser. He is full of good intentions. He is like an innocent child". He just want to say "I love you" to Enya live, not online, "as he is not a robot". But firstly he says "I love you" to all the women from Enya's castle as he says "I love you" to every woman, anyway. He is as drunk that it's impossible for him to observe that a cat jumped on him, not Fantomas tried to kill him. But even after this incident he says to Enya: "I'm Norman WORLD NUMBER ONE and I'm your biggest fan. I love you", Enya is too elegant to have struggles with a man like this and she has enough spiritual power to be unfearful. She finds a funny reply: "Oh, I'm really sorry. I forgot. 20 years ago I composed this amazing song, called "Wild child". Welcome to my castle, my wild child. I love you, too. I'm waiting to watch an interview with Enya about this comedy. I'm very curious about her comments. I want to read a new comedy by Samoil Lavric.

by Sally

Wow! I didn't think that Enya has cats as brave as NO MERCY. As a big fan of Enya I knew some details about her private life. She loves animals a lot. And the animals are loving her. But her favourite cat, NO MERCY, is simply outstanding! She managed to make Norman confused as though Fantomas himself wanted to strangulate him. Norman is "braver than a crocodile, braver than a hippopotamus", but finally he is in serious trouble with this cat. Finally she has a speech, ha ha! I wish I had at home a cat who can speak among my seven cats, ha ha! Norman was as drunk as he had no chance to realize that behind him was a cat, not Fantomas or his ghost. Very nice comedy, with an unorthodox humour. Highly recommended for all the ages.

by Consuelo Peralta

"Fantomas, please, let me say to Enya "I love you" live. This is my last desire. After that you can kill me and I will die in peace". Oh, I like this attitude. This is a real fan of Enya! He can die for her. He really deserves to be WORLD NUMBER ONE after this stunning adventure. I can't imagine a fan of Madonna having the same attitude and saying the same words. Well done, Norman! What is your next adventure? This is one of the funniest comedies I read in the last years. I laughed after almost every phrase. I'm eager to read a new comedy by Samoil Lavric.

by Amanda Suarez

A day inside Enya's castle. Being a fan of Enya since my childhood I listened to all her songs and I was interested to find out more details about the mysteries of her private life. She seems to be like The Queen of Ireland, surrounded by a lot of staff living in a secured castle. She has a lot of pets, especially cats. Suddenly, a trespasser, a funny stalker, disturbs the silence of the castle. Is not as dangerous as the other previous stalkers Enya had in the past. Norman is an original character, maybe unique in the world through his weird habits, strange manners and unique verbal tics. He behaves in Enya's castle as though he is inside his own house. For instance, he is in trouble with NO MERCY, Enya's favourite cat. Obviously, this is the funniest episode of the story. especially because he considers himself as being very brave. Finally, he meets Enya, who enjoys his visit. Norman is the only one stalker welcomed by Enya inside her castle. I couldn't stop my laugh reading about the most hilarious character I read in the last 10 years. Enjoyable, original, unique style of comedy and breath taking, especially for Enya's fans.

by Francisca Zanetti

One of the most original and funniest comedies written nowadays, from my point of view. A funny stalker who enters Enya's castle like a trespasser, destroying the whole security system in just 2 minutes, saying "I love you" to every woman and finally to Enya. But nobody called the police as he doesn't seem dangerous. One of Enya's maidens, Molly, falls in love with him, so he is charming. He is living in his own world where he is WORLD NUMBER ONE". His replies are very hilarious. Before meeting Enya he is in trouble with NO MERCY, her favourite cat. But he is too drunk and thinks that behind him is Fantomas, his rival, not a cat. He is begging to her to be merciful, ha ha! This is the most hilarious part of the comedy. I highly recommend it to everyone looking for reasons to laugh in these pandemic times.

by Mioara Patru

This was funny! An interesting kind of funny with great characters and a plot line that was ridiculous in a good way. It was quite short and I feel like there was more to say, so would have liked the chance to read a more full story in which I could get to know the characters even more.

by NetGalley review

Lovely cat! I wish I had at home such a brave cat to feel safer always. As Norman said: "I know, Enya is magic, her music is magic and perhaps her cats are magic as well". I think NO MERCY is the smartest cat ever described in a book. She takes advantage as Norman is obsessed of Fantomas's ghost and he really thinks that Fantomas himself is behind him and wants to strangulate him. That's ridiculous! This is one of the most hilarious comedies I ever read. Highly recommended for all ages.

by Balacenoiu Daniela

That's simply hilarious! Norman, the main character, is as drunk as he can't realize that behind him is a cat, not Fantomas, that French killer. He is talking for about 5 minutes with NO MERCY thinking that he is talking with the real Fantomas. If Fantomas had been behind Norman, he would have needed no more than 5 seconds to strangulate him. But Norman was too drunk to realize that and to count the time. I'm eager to watch an interview with Enya about this story. It would be very interesting. Nicely done!

by Sophie Howard

So Enya has her own "Fantomas", a cat called NO MERCY who is protecting her against stalkers. That's hilarious! But, as Norman says "Enya's music is magic, her music is magic and her pets are magic as well". Very rarely we can read nowadays books in which the cats are talking. This is the funniest comedy I read it this year. I want to read a new e-book by this author.

by Sally

I was wondering if Fantomas, the most intelligent killer of all time, is still alive. As that French novel, "Fantomas" told us, he was escaped in England by his beloved, Josephine. Now I just read about a new story in which Fantomas is involved. So, I have a warning for British people: be careful, Fantomas is still alive and is living in England. Ha ha, I'm joking. Obviously, Fantomas appears just fictional in this story, because of Norman's obsession for this title: WORLD NUMBER ONE. Fantomas was world number one as a killer, but Norman is not aware of this aspect, He just want to be WORLD NUMBER ONE, for the love of this title, but doesn't have the comprehension of this title. Moreover, being drunk, he is very confused. Very hilarious story!

by Alize Cornet

This is one of the funniest comedies I ever read. Just suitable for this pandemic times.

by Vicky

Highly recommended, so good and fun! Really very entertaining and easy to read, recommended for anyone who wants to have a good time reading an original comedy. Definitely deserves the 5 stars!!!

by Ivan

I work with this Writer. He is hilarious, always makes us laugh.

by Husain

Samoil Lavric

Hi all. My name is Samoil Lavric. I was born in Romania, a wonderful country. I graduated my high school at Philology profile. After that I graduated the faculty of Law. I'm a tennis player now. I liked to read books since my childhood. I read about 2000 books. My favourite writer is Dostoyevsky. I composed a few poems in Romanian, jokes, pamphlets, essays. "Enya's last stalker" is my first ebook written in English, being a comedy. I hope you will enjoy my ebooks published with Matador. I wish you all the best. See you soon.

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