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Released: 16/02/2016

eISBN: 9781785895630

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Emma's Equilibrium


As a child, Emma develops a talent for equestrian sport. She follows her passion and moves from England to Canada to compete at the highest level. Over time though, her great success pales into insignificance next to the overwhelming suffering that she comes to experience in the most brutal forms of betrayal, rape and violence until eventually, when the opportunity arises, she moves to Belgium with her husband, in the hope of a new start.

For a while, normality is restored. Everything appears to be fine – until they come to the realisation that there is a problem emerging within their family. Emma is increasingly troubled and challenged by the worrying traits that her eldest son is developing. She wonders why she encounters the dark side of men repeatedly. The situation worsens until one day, she despairs and reaches for their hunting rifle.

It’s time for an intervention. Just as suffering can co-exist with triumph, sometimes there is hope in despair. An encounter with Death provides answers that allow Emma to better understand her existence. She comes to understand that her life is just one part of a much larger plan and that things tend to happen for a reason. She also discovers that she is right at the cusp of achieving that much-desired state of existence, equilibrium.

Linda's Book Bag

I read a previous edition; it was great. I felt sorry for Emma. But I also found her inspirational. It's a fast paced read and I finished the book in one straight session. I want to ride and I want to visit Canada. And I want be as beautiful as Emma:-). hard to believe that the author is male.

by MIca

Four Stars

by Ilene Bieleski

Great book! I wonder if this cover is the most appropriate for the actual novel. I was surprised to see I was the first person to review this on Goodreads and feel maybe the cover does not attract the kind of audience this book as aimed at??? I understand the cover chosen, but I don't know if this will grab the attention of the audience it is aimed at. This is a good book and I am at a loss why no one else has reviewed it yet?? The metaphysical component of the book (at the end) is very well thought out and clever, but it is a little disjointed the way in which it is introduced and I feel this subject matter may not appeal to the more conservative reader. I really enjoyed it as I have similar beliefs, but it may need some work to make it flow better with the rest of the novel.

by NetGalley Review

This novel explores these costs whilst weaving an entertaining fictitious story around the guts of the subject matter. It also throws in some unexpected twists and turns along the way. Overall I found this very entertaining.

The metaphysical component at the end of the book really resonated with me as I have similar beliefs as what was intimated in this book. However, the way in which it was introduced at the end of the book, I felt was a bit disjointed and unexpected. I felt it really didn't do the subject matter (metaphysical) any justice and could have been introduced in a way that would not butt against people's beliefs (those that don't believe in the metaphysical I think would struggle with this component of the book). It was almost like the book was going on a completely different tangent and wasn't part of the whole book. As I say, I did enjoy this part of the book and resonated with it wholly, but I don't know if this will appeal to a larger more conservative audience. It might need to be portrayed a little more delicately. (I thought this part was very cleverly thought out, just may be the execution of it could be a bit better).

Overall, This is an entertaining read and I really enjoyed it. Don't be put off by the cover, this book is a good holiday, easy read. Well worth the time and with the metaphysical component at the end, gets you thinking.

by 5* NetGalley Review

This is a fun and entertaining read. I was a little skeptical going in but the book completely surprised me. The only issue I had was that the cover doesn't do the book justice. In fact, the cover doesn't seem to fit the book at all. If you can get past that then you'll definitely enjoy it.

by Katherine

This book is easily a 5 star read. The writer's easy-to-read style, mixed with interesting events Emma goes through in her life keeps you tuned in right up to the profound ending. However, I almost had to deduct a star for the cover. This is a prime example of a book that should not be judged by the cover. The story within is intriguing as you follow Emma through her early days as she trains for her dream as a champion in the equestrian world. She does well enough that she is afforded an opportunity to attend a school that trains the elite for the Olympics. Emma and her family do not escape growing pains through this experience and somehow, all things come at a cost. Without giving any spoilers, I will tell you that A. Wadh has a way of explaining the exact point so there is no misunderstanding this author's message. Well worth the read, and the ending will get your wheels turning. Check it out. I read this book in two days. I believe this is what timeless literature looks like, as I can see this being just as relevant a hundred years from now as it is today. Very impressive. My only flinch is the cover. I'm happy to have shared my time with this author and I'm confident you will, as well.
Laney Smith

by Laney Smith

Arvind Wadhera

Arvind is British of Indian extraction. He lives and works in Brussels. He has three children, two of whom are at university in England. Arvind spent his formative years in London and remains fascinated by the energy of the city. Arvind attributes his interest in reading to two books: The Picture of Dorian Gray and Thérèse Raquin. He is fascinated by the co-existence of good and evil and the loss of innocence.

Arvind has also lived and worked in Paris. Both London and Paris have played a role in his aspiring to write as they have stirred emotions that he has sought to express even in his first book, Emma's Equilibrium. Arvind loves languages and can speak Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian. He does some amateur riding and enjoys the exciting bond between man and horse.

Arvind recently suffered a stroke. He finished his book as part of his recovery. He believes that while writing can be challenging and frustrating, it can also be therapeutic and gratifying.

Arvind is a strong believer in hope in the face of adversity and has instilled Emma's character with this strength.

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