Troubador Each and Every Time

Released: 28/02/2020

ISBN: 9781838593179

Format: Paperback

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Each and Every Time


This is the story of Danny-Lee, Essex boy and ex Old Skool, Hardcore raver, who, settled and approaching mid-life, is suddenly thrown back into the world-altering hedonism of his young life in the early 1990s by an unexpected funeral and by the discovery of a box of forgotten memorabillia.

These events and the continuing succession of flashbacks and visions they provoke, inspire Danny-Lee to take a journey back to his old Essex home following the route he often took when travelling to and from raves.

As Danny-Lee drives the memorabilia, the music and the country-side cause further flashbacks and surges of memory about life growing up in Essex and his raving years; these realities intersect with Danny Lee’s current reality and time melds.

Danny-Lee moves between time streams, confused by the hurtling review of his life but by the end he has reached a new understanding of his young existence and of his place in the cultural outpouring of early 1990s rave.

The book concludes with Danny-Lee making the return journey back to London, ultimately uplifted by the memories he has re-discovered, the ghosts he has exorcised, the pirate radio tapes he plays in the car and the glow of promise he feels for the future.

My new book Each and Every Time is now out.

I found this book to be a beautifully written memoir of raving days, the descriptions of the music, the smells, the whole essence of the rave scene takes you right back to the dance floor,to the whole encompassing life style of those days. Nick is a true word smith putting a spotlight onto fine detail if those times. A clever story weaving back and forth in time through Lee's journey. loved it!! oi oi kitchen crew!

by Tina Edwards

A beautifully written recollection of the early 90's hardcore scene: the people, the tunes, the optimism, the energy. I am too young to really remember the raves and the parties but this book took me there!

by Jess

Nick Blake

I am an old raver, in action since the tail end of the period covered by my book. I am still involved in the scene and I am an enthusiastic student of its music and its history. I currently live in Suffolk developing a smallholding and working on my next book.

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