Troubador Driving Mad

Released: 28/02/2014

ISBN: 9781783062584

eISBN: 9781783067831

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Driving Mad

Maniacs, Morons and the Advanced Motorist's Club


Driving Mad is an eye-opening fictional compilation of eccentricities, misdemeanours and more serious offences known to bring fellow road users close to despair, tears and even road rage. Illustrated with select road signs, some more bizarre than others, this entertaining compendium takes you, the reader, on a wild journey through a maze of roundabouts, junctions and parking lots via devious twists and turns foreign to the Highway Code.

Along the way, you’ll find articles on subjects ranging from scientific and medical study papers to chaos theory and accident scenarios. Enjoy the zany company of chequered flag enthusiasts, leather-fetish, sex-obsessed males, sadistic bus drivers, rip-off-artist cabbies, racy hitch-hikers… a whole assortment of colourful characters. Then relax with en route cinema, literary and other quizzes designed for your rest stops.

You’ll need this knowledge before venturing upon the theory test, your final obstacle course. A piece of cake, provided you don’t rush too many of the multiple-choice questions... Driving Mad, rather than a guide to driving, is a humorous compendium designed to appeal to fans of satire and Top Gear.


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Female First

Has some funny little sayings and odd signs. I'm sure everyone can find something to relate to in here.

by Leslie Kraft

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