Troubador Dreams Come True

Released: 02/03/2015

eISBN: 9781784629311

Format: eBook

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Dreams Come True


When Melody and her two children stagger into Sunshine Gardens, they build a new life, not only for themselves, but also for Chris. Their new life together grows into an adventure that branches out to include rescuing horses (one of whom is a great champion horse), and the man who lost him. They build a recycling estate from scratch, finding secret caves that transform a whole village, and bringing joy and laughter to oh so many people. They change the lives, hopes and dreams of many villagers in England, find themselves a part of a miracle rescue in a Greek island, fulfill their dreams in California, building new lives for themselves and a host of others.

With the help of Meg and her Romany magic, we have the Reclamators, who create a fortune that grows into a life changing experience for a growing cast of characters, that eventually includes the folk of five villages, one in Greece and four in England.

This story is filled with love, laughter and all the vigour and richness of life. It’s a whirlwind of a story that grows and grows. There are secrets in this story that will make you laugh, maybe shed a tear or two, but fill you with the joy and passion of life, sweet life. So what are you waiting for? Read and enjoy!

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