Troubador Diet of Doubt

Released: 28/05/2016

eISBN: 9781785896217

Format: eBook

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Diet of Doubt

Can Marcel Risk Loving Again?


Newly qualified catering student Lisa Saunders is delighted yet surprised when, after an unpredictably stormy interview with world-famous head chef Marcel Peronnaud, she is appointed to be the newest trainee at Peronnaud’s Restaurant in Paris. She is, however, fully aware that she must be on her guard during any dealings with him. His reputation with women is no secret; his latest amorous escapades constantly titillate readers of the tabloid press. Determined to succeed, Lisa’s learning curve is steep, and when Marcel needs a new assistant for his next cookery series, she is the obvious choice. One day, an unexpected change in their schedule leads them to a situation in which she sees briefly a very different man; not the well-documented lothario, but a man whose traumatic early life has left its scars. Gradually, over the months, she is forced to admit that, despite all her earlier resolutions, she is falling in love with Marcel. When their relationship brings them ever closer, she moves into his flat – but even then, evidence leaves her almost convinced as to his infidelity. In Lisa’s absence, a woman has obviously stayed over. And who is that gorgeous young female chef who unexpectedly needs to help out in his kitchen? Their relationship deteriorates until little short of a miracle can unravel that tangle of uncertainty. But does such a miracle stand any chance of happening...?

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