Troubador Dependence

Released: 01/12/2013

ISBN: 9781783061617

Format: Paperback

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On a warm afternoon in 1975, Anna trips while strolling along a Fulham Street. Fiery-haired Fitz, buzzing along under the effects of amphetamines, rushes to her rescue. So begins their deep and fervent relationship. At first Anna fails to realise the depth of Fitz’s addiction – until she moves in with him. Although she loves him intensely, there are times when she questions whether she can cope with the effects that the drug has on Fitz – the mood swings, the hyperactivity and the paranoia that turn him into someone she barely recognises.

Dependence is a revealing novel about the destructive effects of drug addiction. It is a bittersweet love story, recounting the joys and sorrows of a poignant and loving relationship and how even the strongest love can be cruelly tested by the realities of drugs.

J M P Wheldon reviewed Dependence
Review of Dependence
A superb book, which had me hooked from the first page, I really felt that I got to understand the characters well, and went through all the emotions with Anna,with whom I developed a certain degree of empathy! I understood the pain and torment of the main characers, Anna desperate to stand by her man and Fitz, desperate to do the right thing in a seemingly impossible situation. The author clearly writes from the heart-her descriptive text and attention to detail is excellent. I wanted everything to work out well-a happy ending! I wanted to know if Fitz came off the speed, did Anna and John get together, (not likely but who knows!) and what about the slimeball Sonny? Let us hope that there is a sequel!

Al reviewed Dependence
An excellent read and very well written. Couldn't put it down, till I'd finished it. The story took me back in time, to when I was young in the 70's. I could empathise with Anna and her desperate struggle to turn the situation round. Not only were the characters believable, they actually reminded me of people that I knew back then - some good, some bad and some downright depraved, just like the drug pusher in the story. I read this book on Kindle and suffered a few electronic glitches, before I finally managed to get to the end. The ending left me wanting to know what happened afterwards to all the characters. I hope there is a sequel in the pipeline.

readerbyname reviewed Dependence
Both sides of the story
I really enjoyed this book. The characters became very real to me and I could understand how each was thinking. The writing style is fluid and easy to read. There is a lot of empathy and understanding in the story, as well as weakness and, in some ways, strength! Once I started reading this book, I had to read it right through, non-stop! It's just one of those books! I'm really looking forward to the next book from this author!

Sheila Mackie reviewed Dependence
Moving & poignant
A moving and poignant insight into the multi-faceted issues of dependency, in both addiction and relationships.
Sues' emphatic portrayal of her characters will re-connect a raw nerve within many of us who "enjoyed" the new found "freedom" of the 70s but had to struggle with the consequences of our choices.
Vividly written, encapsulating many aspects of the 70s that I had long forgotten, it kept me turning the pages to the very end.

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Sue Noye Clark

I was born and grew up on a farm in Devon. I've always loved writing - poetry, prose, journals, anything really - and can remember when I was around six, sitting in an apple tree in our orchard, scribbling away into an exercise book. I wrote my first book when I was fifteen, the emotional rantings and ramblings and dreamings of a girl tipping onto the edge of womanhood, and for whom the world was beginning to expand. I keep it because it makes me smile and because I'm sentimental, but it's fair to say that it's never likely to venture far from the back of the cupboard where it now lives! I continued writing and after having recently e-published one of my novels, "Dependence", I am now having it published as a 'proper' book with Matador.

I lived in Cornwall and in London before eventually settling in Kent where I now live with my husband, Steve, and our two cats.

After working as an auxiliary nurse in hospice and palliative care for many years, I'm now back in the apple tree -figuratively speaking - devoting more time to my true passion, my writing.

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