Troubador Days of You

Released: 16/10/2014

eISBN: 9781784627980

Format: eBook

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Days of You


Two boisterous youngsters are running across a big field. Julie is the impish one and Richard is the adventurer. They're both almost eleven, although Julie keeps reminding Richard that she is three weeks older and so should be in charge. In later years she will often wish she was three weeks younger.

The carefree days soon pass; they mature into sixteen years olds who like to dream big. Both families wish Richard and Julie success in all their endeavours, particularly their very favourite Aunty Maud who has always been there for both of them. Julie loves growing up alongside her brave, adventurous, seafaring best friend Richard, with whom her friendship has never wavered or diminished. She dreams of it developing into an exciting love affair, a romance which, it turns out, will last throughout time. Her feelings for Richard have never changed, and before he leaves for America, Julie makes a dramatic suggestion.

'Richard, we should lock our hearts together, to keep our friendship and memories alive forever.' Richard agrees and they have their first ever romantic kiss, leaving Julie with deep emotions. Julie moves on with her life, continuing her studies in London. At twenty five years old, both are now company high flyers. When tragedy strikes for both families, will Richard realise where his heart has always belonged?

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