Troubador Dark Pools

Released: 28/04/2016

ISBN: 9781785890697

Format: Paperback

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Dark Pools


Dark Pools is a gripping novel revolving around the audacious attempt by China to completely annihilate the US dollar – literally in the blink of an eye, using ultra sophisticated computing power – and replace it overnight with the Chinese renminbi as the new world currency. Their provocative actions are deliberately choreographed to coincide with a riot-torn crisis in Hong Kong involving the Pro-Democracy movement, and the covert construction of a highly confrontational military airstrip in the South China Seas. The narrative rapidly criss-crosses the globe over a 22-day period in August until the plot nears its dénouement: when the Chinese intend to strike at the very heart of the foreign exchange market. Dark Pools weaves together the worlds of international banking and high finance; numerous covert intelligence agencies; computer hackers and cyber criminals; political intrigue; and the awesome firepower of a US aircraft carrier task force. If China succeeds in its ambitious scheme, they will utterly devastate the dollar and bring America, and indeed the rest of the world, to its knees. A rebel group within the Politburo are intent on making China the only superpower left standing when Armageddon strikes: can they be stopped in time? Dark Pools is a geo-political, fast-moving, financial thriller, sweeping across London, New York, Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou. It will appeal to fans of speculative fiction, particularly those who are interested in contemporary issues such as cyber crime and currency wars.

"I wish you well with Dark Pools: a rattling good yarn, as we say in the cliché trade.

Very prescient of you to choose China and the Spratley Islands as the central theme; the wily Chinese launching a cyber war on the American banking system is very much of the moment."

by Mike Walker

Lucy Penrose

"An exhilarating tale that flies the reader by his coat tails from London to New York, Hong Kong to Jackson Hole, Manila to Guangzhou......addictive from the first page -- put it down if you dare! This highly contemporary novel is fast-moving, racey and very, very thrilling. Absolutely a must-read for anyone wanting to have an insight into the edgy world of high finance and modern-day international political intrigue......."

Available in the New Year.

by Lucy

I would be very interested in anything written by Dr B, and especially as his take on this subject would make it so close to reality

by Lewis Blackvurn

This is a really great book, having been lucky enough to proof read for Dr. Brian Terry, a must read for those working in financial services and Financial Crime units.

by Martin Cade

A fantastic debut novel -- thrilling from start to finish. An amazing storyline about events in China and how they are covertly planning to wipe out the US dollar, take over the South China Sea and destroy the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. Very, very enjoyable.

by Pat Barker

Email just in from a friend....

Hi Brian,

Just have to write to congratulate you on the book. A really thrilling read, couldn't put it down. Great pace and excitement. The Hong Kong scenes were very well done and very true for someone who has lived and spent many years there. I even know Tung Choi Street very well - I used to buy my goldfish there!!

So very well done you. Great achievement.
Of course there is no way they will ever let you into China now. I suggest you give that holiday destination a miss from now on!!

by Ian McB

Finished your book and enjoyed it very much indeed.

The story rattled along and I have to confess that I stayed up far too late one night to finish it.

The sex scenes made me think 'Are you writing the film script here?' as I could visualise how these might play in front of a camera. Can't recall the exact phrase you used but we had something like,' his eyes were out on stalks just like her nipples' and I giggled like a 14 year old !

I did enjoy the book and marvelled at how much work and research had gone into it. Well done.

by A Sherriffs

I really enjoyed your first publication Brian. Seb certainly had a fantastic time, I am surprised he had strength left to do any work!! Took me back to the times that I traveled the Far East.

Mike B

by Mike Bowell

Brian, just finished reading Dark Pools. Many, many congratulations as it's a wonderful book indeed - I really enjoyed it. You should be very, very proud indeed.

by Karen A

I'm not usually a thriller/espionage reader and it took me a while to 'settle' into the story. Once there I found that Brian Terry had intrigued me enough that I had to find out how the story unfolded, which of course is the aim of any storyteller. Congratulations Brian.

by Paula Leigh

Just finished your book. Really enjoyed it .. Lovely bits in it. Particularly your masterful way of executing English phrasing !! Very funny.

by Kate C

Brian, I am reading your novel. It could happen. It's a good read from page one!

by Humphrey B

Really like what you have written Brian and will look forward to the next book. You did a lot of research that is for sure. I really like the way it flows. Keep up the good work and let everyone know when the next one is ready to download.

by Patrick H

Just finished Dark Pools -- bloody brilliant

by Fullertons Book Search

It's normal that I correspond with the author of a book. Finished Dark Pools last week and thoroughly enjoyed. What I really liked was how you wrapped up all the characters in the last chapter. Many authors seem to cut their stories off and the characters sort of just disappear and the reader is left not knowing what happened to the personnel involved in the story. A great book, a wonderful story and terrific author. Let me know when the next one is on the bookshelves.

by Patrick H

Finally got round to reading Dark Pools and I have to tell you it was very good - great job - and just loved the solution!! Already looking forward to the next one!

by Meryl E


Read your book today. Bravo!!!! Really enjoyed it. You could be the financial Wilbur Smith.

by John F

Brian, Robert has just read your book! When he enjoys a book I can't get a word out of him. He read it in two days and loved it! So peace and quiet for me! Can't wait for the next one!

by Robert H


Just finished the book, and want to congratulate you: its a ripper and great romping fun.

I’ll have to get it to you for a signature.

by Phil H

Well I am somewhat breathless after romping through Dark Pools! A gripping tale I have to say!

Well done :-)

by Alan D

I read Dark Pools Brian which is an excellent tale - I could never have put all those strings together and added the twists and turns. I anticipate that it is flying off the shelves (or, more accurately these days, flying off the Amazon conveyors).

by Andrew M

I thought the book was a very good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Madrid was very hot so it was a perfect companion whilst sheltering from the sun with a long cool Sangria.

by Marc T

I finished Dark Pools. A good story. How did you manage all that military research? Pretty good!!!

The book is screaming 'I am a film'
It really paced and so many current elements.

Well done you Brian! Such a labour of love. Hope the second book is as much fun.

by Joolie G

A cracking book - could not put it down. Fabulous holiday read which moves along at a tremendous pace with lots of twists and turns. Very well done indeed.

by Tim P

It took me a little while to pick up your book, Dark Pools, but having done so it was very difficult to put it down!


It is a gripping tale and just at the edge of plausibility - well researched right down to the view from the ladies' bathroom on the top of the Hong Kong Peninsula ... It is indeed a splendid view!!

Are you planning a second? Whatever happened to Major Andrews???

by Julian C

Finished Dark Pools and loved it Brian.
Like nice tidy endings.

by Lynne H

Brian, I've just finished Dark Pools. I felt like you wrote the book for me. Every other reference and/or plot twist had me recalling personal memories from Hong Kong including the Ladies Recreational Club where we were members. Fabulous read.

by Bill C

Hi Brian, Finishing reading your creation. Utterly compelling. Congrats! You demonstrated well your knowledge of inside working of the City & Wall Street, & details of Hong Kong.

by Cyrus H

A quick thank you writing Dark Pools - hats off Brian. Such a thrilling read.
A world I knew nothing about before a few days ago but such an immersive plot: informative as well as engaging. Just what he summer holidays needed! It would make a gripping film actually.

Looking forward to the sequel(?) at some point...

I'm going to buy a copy for my father-in-law's Christmas present. It's exactly the kind of fiction he enjoys.

by Tom C

Brilliant read Brian - well done!

by Sally C

If any of you lovely people are looking for an exciting new book to read - I really reccommend Dark Pools! I read it while on holiday and it had me hooked from start to finish! - This book would make such a great film. Go buy your copy now!

by Ashleigh R

I just finished reading Dark Pools, well done! Excellent, rip-roaring read. Thoroughly enjoyable …....Brian let me know when Gold 2 Dust is published and I’ll Amazon it immediately!

by Michael W

Loved it, everyone must read it. You are a genius, can't wait for the next book.

by Wendy R

I’ve just finished reading Dark Pools and am moved to write to you about how much I have enjoyed it. It’s a thrilling read and also alarmingly appropriate for our present world situation. How could you get so close to the mark? Truly astonishing! I am so impressed by the width and breath of your knowledge on the interplay of political figures with international banks, all forms of economic institutions and movements and your understanding of cyber wars and the like. My respect for international bankers now rivals my distrust of them!

by Jacqui D

I'm reading this super story for the second time. Congrats Brian
Florrie KZN .SAfrica

by FP

Enjoyed the book. It's definitely a page turner. Excellent first effort at a financial thriller.

by SJT

One of the best books I've had had the pleasure of reading. Cant wait to get my hands on a copy of Gold 2 Dust!

by AR

Brian Terry

Dr Brian Terry spent the first twenty years of his career in the City as a senior executive in two major US investment banks and a UK venture capital company, after which he has been a management consultant to innumerable companies around the world. Brian holds a PhD in Finance from Warwick Business School and, in his early days as an academic, has lectured and published extensively. He brings to this debut novel an intimate understanding of the major financial centres of London, New York and Hong Kong; the key players, policy makers and institutions involved; and the nuances of the carefully selected locations where the book takes place. Dark Pools, while fictional, it an authoritative, well researched,entirely plausible story loosely based on real events happening today. It reflects the political aspirations of China and the ease with which financial markets could be manipulated by super computers to bring about the economic downfall of America.

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