Troubador Dare to Love

Released: 01/01/2012

eISBN: 9781780889993

Format: eBook

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Dare to Love


Josi’s finally got her life sorted. Her children have flown the nest, she has a successful business and she’s just married her other half of eleven years; stable, dependable Richard, a partner in a highly respected accountancy practice. At 50, she’s where she wants to be: in a lovely cottage in Derbyshire, with an attractive body and a future with the man who loves her.

Then a dark secret from Richard’s past shatters her dreams. Despite her years as a therapist, this is not one that she can deal with herself; it’s too close to home. She seeks the company of the only person she feels she can confide in; her friend Celia, who lives in Barbados. Away from the grey of England and the pressure cooker of her cottage, Josi finally opens up to her friend. She also meets Grant, a smooth Guyanese that she immediately connects with. Socially, they are worlds apart. There’s so much that Grant has to hide and so many things that could take him under, but there’s something that pulls them together; something that threatens to blow their worlds apart and change them forever. They have a chance of happiness together, but can they risk taking it?

Dare to Love is a work of chick-lit with an erotic twist that will appeal to female readers. It will also appeal to readers of Caribbean origin as it address many issues of the region. Author Penny has been inspired by a number of authors, including Terry McMillan, Eric Jerome Dickey, Zane and Fiona Zedde. “I read a novel about the way young men in the Caribbean approach foreign women on holiday and wanted to write the female response to it. It grew to encompass all kinds of issues, such as how people face extreme challenges and how we bend the rules to suit our situation. I found myself drawing on some of the issues I’ve helped clients deal with in therapy. Ultimately, they all come looking for love and recognition,”?says Penny, on the motivation to write her novel.

Articles in Stabroek News, Guyana, South America October 2011

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Penny Dixon

Penny Dixon aka Predencia Dixon (nee Gabbidon) was born in Jamaica and moved to England at the age of ten. She’s a teacher who spent nearly twenty years working with children and young people with severely challenging behaviours, all of whom had been abused in some way. She qualified as a training manager in 1993 and was commissioned by the Department of Health to write induction and training books for all staff in secure accommodation and children’s homes. Her second book ‘Preparing to Care’, with co-author Barry Goldson, was a best seller for publisher National Children’s Bureau. She’s written for children, parents, child care workers, and youth justice workers.

In 2004 Predencia was commissioned to write the national training programme for the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales.

In 2010 she published a collection of poems, (Raw Volumes 1 & 2), which is accompanied by a double CD. Her first novel ‘Dare to Love’, ais also available as an eBook and for Kindle. She is currently working on her second novel and a film script.

In her spare time Predencia enjoys amateur dramatics, performing poetry, and belly dancing.

Penny Dixon

Stabroek News, Guyana, 22/10/2011
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