Troubador Chorus Endings

Released: 28/06/2016

eISBN: 9781785897221

Format: eBook

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Chorus Endings


Growing up in a rural Hampshire village during the immediate post-war years, Peter and his companions lead a carefree existence roaming the countryside at will and finding adventures round every corner. Their great hero is an artist living hermit-like on the edge of the forest, universally known as Jimmy the Saint. 

Jimmy holds them spellbound with tales of the village’s past: Chirper Edwards the ineffectual town-crier; No-Good Naughton and Freddy the Fop, the Squire’s disreputable forebears; Stoyan the Jutish warrior, and Morgana the pagan goddess. How smugglers once swaggered along tunnels beneath the Square, highwaymen shared their loot at Harry’s turnpike and mythical creatures – the grampus, screech-owl and cockatrice – awaited unsuspecting wayfarers in the neighbouring woodland. 

But all is not as it seems, nor Jimmy the man they’d taken him to be, as Peter – now a university lecturer – discovers by chance some forty years later. He and his wife, Helen, set out to trace such rumours to their source, discover the truth behind the man’s sudden disappearance and the background he’d never discuss. 

The story that emerges is one of espionage and insanity, homicide and betrayal, with Jimmy implicated at every stage. As the evidence mounts and the pace of the investigation quickens Peter realizes that he, too, has played a part in his hero’s downfall. The clues have been there all along, revealed in Mappa Mundi, Jimmy’s final picture, the search for which uncovers a narrative darker and more sinister than anything the artist himself could have imagined. 

Chorus Endings is a fast-moving, light-hearted novel with unexpected twists and darkly sinister undertones. As such it will appeal to fans of authors such as Robert Harris and Anne Tyler alike.

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David Warwick

David comes from Wickham, Hampshire, attended a number of local schools and, following National Service in the RAF Fighter Command, studied History and Theology at the College of S. Mark and S. John, London University. He taught in secondary schools in Portchester and Bristol before becoming Senior Lecturer in Education at St John’s College, York, then Lecturer, Further Professional Education at Lancaster University, where he completed a doctorate, going on to be Deputy Principal at one of the Uk's first sixth form colleges.

A number of books – notably, 'Team Teaching' (Hodder & Stoughton), 'Linking Schools and Industry' and 'The Modular Curriculum' (Blackwell), and 'The Wealth of A Nation' (Nicholas Brearley) followed before he was head-hunted in 1988 to join the DTI with responsibility for business/education links within the 101 Uk universities.

During this time David was an Open University tutor in Educational Management, updated the 8000 word index for Whitaker’s Almanack, travelled widely as a consultant for the British Executive Services Overseas, became a professor at Moscow State Pedagogic University and established his own consultancy Education for Enterprise.

David celebrated his golden wedding anniversary in 2011 and lives with his wife, Ann, in Chichester. They have two children and two grandchildren. He runs a writers’ circle, 'Chorus Endings' being his first novel.

David Warwick

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