Troubador Chiff Chaff

Released: 28/02/2018

ISBN: 9781788039536

Format: Paperback

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Chiff Chaff


Alexander A. Alexander doesn't have a watch, doesn't have a faether. Ephraim doesn't need a faether but needs that watch. Mister Flett has something they both want. Poor Mister Flett?

In this original book, David takes stock of life through the eyes of 16-year-old narrator Alexander A. Alexander in part one, ‘Chiff’, and then as a 27 year old in part two, ‘Chaff’. The book takes readers on a comedic and childlike journey with twists and turns and teases like the West Mainland coast road. The breathtaking Orkney landscape is the main character in this novel. With the richness of its wildlife, mythology, Neolithic past and centennial First World War commemorations, Orkney is no ordinary set of islands.

Inspired by Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman published 50 years ago, Chiff Chaff is a murder thriller and a reflection on personal morality. But beneath the surface it explores themes of entitlement and greed and self regard and need for recognition and above all for hope of a brighter tomorrow.

Gabrielle Barnby

Guardian Witness

Undiscovered Scotland


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The Orcadian

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The Orcadian

The Orcadian

What a strange, confusing book! Yet it won me over. Once I stopped trying to make linear/literal sense out of it, and just went with the flow, I experienced a charming -yet very odd- adventure. Overall, I enjoyed it very much.

by Janice Bell

I did enjoy this book, and particularly because of the poetic, beautiful language. The Orkney setting is beautiful, and the touches of humour are nicely done. I would recommend this book.

by Gillian

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