Troubador Catch-Up

Released: 28/03/2015

ISBN: 9781784622794

Format: Paperback

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At 67 years of age Raymond Dawkins is all too aware that his time is slipping away and that his life has been devoid of adventure. Had he have been a gangster, or even a pirate, there might have been a sense of fulfilment. His wife, Doris, engrossed in her round of club and church activities, nags Ray into becoming a "reader" to residents of a local Home for the Elderly. There he meets a blind man who takes more than a passing interest in Ray's lamentations. Raymond is catapulted out of his armchair into a series of experiences that he has to endure, adjust to, and, possibly, conquer. Some of these are not 'nice'… others serve to restore faith in the human condition.

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