Troubador Broken

Released: 01/07/2013

ISBN: 9781783060290

Format: Paperback

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Broken dreams, broken hearts and broken society.

The Richmonds are an ordinary, hard-working family who have strived to reach a certain level of success but, as the Credit Crunch takes hold and they try to survive the financial storm, family loyalties are tested to the limit.

His business failing, Matt Richmond is plagued with dark thoughts whilst his brother, Will, struggles to come to terms with a catalogue of personal tragedies that befall his family. But, when a man commits suicide by jumping in front of the train carrying their sister, Cassie, no one could possibly have predicted how this random death of an anonymous man would have such wide-reaching and devastating repercussions.

In times of desperation, we all react in different ways. Some prefer to bury their heads in the sand in the vain hope it will all go away, whilst others have deeply repressed insecurities awakened, their daily struggle to survive compounded by their inner demons but, then there are the few who need to see justice prevail and are willing to sacrifice everything in order to avenge the wrongs inflicted on themselves and their loved ones. Desperate times, desperate measures.

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