Troubador Bokassa's Last Apostle

Released: 02/01/2013

eISBN: 9781904585459

Format: eBook

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Bokassa's Last Apostle


Everton Jones, a mixed race gay boy from Dudley is in London to see a solicitor who has 'something of his father's to give to him'. But he is lured into an alleyway, beaten unconscious and then has his clothes stolen. He runs for safety, and unwittingly ends up on Hampstead Heath. He is rescued by two outreach workers distributing condoms and, together, they romp all over the London gay scene to discover how the African father Everton never knew stole Emperor Bokassa's diamonds and - more importantly - where he hid them before Bokassa's followers, his 'Apostles' get there first. Along the way they run into a street war, fight a demon and meet a colourful cast of characters.

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