Troubador Bloody Flies

Released: 01/06/2012

ISBN: 9781780881492

eISBN: 9781780888965

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Bloody Flies


Bloody Flies is a sequence of episodes that offer glimpses of expat life in the opening decade of the 21st century, and the shifting morals that occur when Middle?East meets West. After the death of?Leo’s father, Leo and Diana Hunter move, with their children Laura, Ian and Charlie, to materialistic Abu Dhabi in search of the best future that money can buy.

Despite their commitment to this neat world, their hopes soon begin to crumble when their son, Charlie, is killed in a car accident on the street. The book chronicles the Hunters’ struggle to deal with the death, the subsequent disintegration of their marriage and their attempt to regain control of their lives, whilst living under the shadow of corruption, slavery and greed.

Bloody?Flies gives a harrowing insight into Abu Dhabi and will appeal to fans of modern and contemporary fiction, especially those who enjoy tales about expats. A key episode in the story ‘Moving Messages’ was runner up in the 2010 Kitab/M Magazine short fiction competition. Author Andrew is inspired by Graham Greene, David Mitchell and David Nichols.

Praise for Moving Messages:

‘A very fine story’

Adam Haslett

‘Moving tale of parental loss and grief’

Helena Frith Powell in The National

Warrington Guardian

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Xpat Journal

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Novelist Helena Frith Powell Reviews Bloody Flies,

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Bloody Flies is Andrew J Keir’s first novel. Intriguing and innovative, it reveals the disturbing and complicated world of Leo and Diana Hunter via a series of compelling short stories, which work equally as well on their own and as part of the whole.

After the death of Leo’s father, the Hunters make the reluctant decision to leave Warrington and return to their expatriate life in Abu Dhabi. But it is not all ‘gin and tonics’ by the pool. Against an exotic backdrop of camel races, silk jockey shirts, desert treks and luxury hotels, family tragedy strikes. The Hunters’ lives spin out of control, uncovering the darker side of the story - child slavery, police corruption, sexual harassment, labour camps, infidelity and death.

I love this book. Andrew J Keir is a master of character and atmosphere. His characters are credible in the best possible way - because they are ordinary and face the same dilemmas as the rest of us - even though they don’t always behave as expected. His pithy descriptions create a sensory ‘fly on the wall’ experience. I was there with Leo and Diana in the searing heat of Abu Dhabi. The book is deliberately not overtly political and Andrew J Keir’s direct and unassuming writing style leaves readers to make up their own minds about the book’s key themes.

Andrew J Keir could not publish this book in Abu Dhabi because of its sensitive content. For that reason and because this is a great read, it is worth getting to know this brave writer.

Definitely recommended.

by Kathy Greethurst

Andrew J Keir

Andrew J Keir is the first writer to have been shortlisted twice for the Kitab/M Magazine short story prize, the largest prize in the Middle East for short stories in the English language (The Sirens' Song - 2009 and Moving Messages - 2010).

Moving Messages, an episode from Bloody Flies, was runner up in the 2010 competition.

The Abu Dhabi based author holds an MA from Lancaster University's prestigious Creative Writing programme.

His first novel, Bloody Flies, will be available soon from Matador.

Bloody Flies Author Andrew J Keir
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