Troubador Bleeding Green

Released: 01/01/2013

ISBN: 9781780883694

Format: Paperback

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Bleeding Green

A season on the run with Real Calcio FC


Based on the experiences of Real Calcio, a Sunday morning football team from West London, and written by their player / manager, Bleeding Green is a humorous look at the national game...

Despite their lack of pre-season training and having been regularly thrashed in five-a-side games over the summer, the Real Calcio management appear confident at their pre-season meeting in a run down London pub. They make a pact to become more professional – which quickly backfires when they realise they’ve told the team to go to Wandsworth Common, not Wandsworth Park, for their first game.

Bleeding Green touches upon the various bizarre episodes that occur throughout the season, looks at the players’ strengths and weaknesses and the unrelenting battle to get eleven men on the pitch every Sunday. They spend half of Saturday asking mates of mates to play, they seem to get injuries in parts of the body they didn’t know existed, are sliding through the divisions in the wrong direction and it seems half the team can’t be bothered to give one hundred percent. Is it all worth it?

Anyone who has played football in any Sunday league will be able to relate to the highs and lows in Bleeding Green.

First review of my book is in this months Backpass magazine which is available in WH Smith and various newsagents.

I couldn't put this book down. I gave up Sunday football a few years ago but this makes me want to put on my muddy boots again and go back to the banter and pulled hamstrings!

by Dave

As a sunday league football player I found this a very good read. Very funny and entertaining, just like my team. Would recommend.

by Broov

Its great to know I am not the only one, this bought back some great memories of hacking around muddy fields in winter whilst pretending we still have the skills and stamina we had at aged 20. An enjoyable read full of fun boys banter which is exactly why we put ourselves through one or two more seasons than our bodies want us too.

by Ian

As a woman who doesn't watch a lot of football, I enjoyed this book way too much! I loved the humour, sarcasm and sporting banter as well as the capers and funny situations the characters kept getting wrapped up in. Forza Real Calcio!

by Tina

We actually used to play against the infamous Real Calcio, we usually beat them;-) Book is amusing and managing a Sunday team I can relate to a lot of what the author goes through each week.

by Dazzler

 Matt Gibson

I have finally hung up my football boots, some people say it it should have happened years ago, and this is my first novel. I played Sunday morning football for around fourteen years during which time I have seen pretty much everything that can occur to a Sunday morning team both in the week leading up to the game and match day itself.

I hope you enjoy my novel and that fellow Sunday morning footballers can relate to the central narrative and characters in the book.

Celebrating a rare win
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