Troubador Betrayal

Released: 28/02/2021

eISBN: 9781800469051

Format: eBook

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Helen Ransome is married to a dull, boring, husband called Henry, and she decides that to get away from the crushing boredom to take a lover called Edward Jameson, her alibi being her demure and shy friend named Emily Jennings. 

Things take a dramatic twist, however when on television, Helen sees Jameson’s car in a bad crash.  

Helen drives in a frenzy to the hospital and whilst she is there, who should turn up but Emily. Who has also seen the TV programme and is anxious to know about Jameson’s condition. Helen is profoundly shocked when, Emily, too admits to being Jameson’s lover. Jameson’s was not Helen’s exclusive lover, after all, but a lecherous womaniser. The biggest surprise, however, comes with the last two words of the story.

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