Troubador Being in a Band

Released: 28/06/2019

ISBN: 9781789018929

Format: Paperback

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Being in a Band


Life can be pretty hum drum at times but just every now and again a light bulb moment can change your life forever. So when our hero bank clerk decides he wants to be like the Gallagher boys, the die is cast and the path to musical stardom is set.

Being in a Band’ captures the excitement around the time that Oasis punched their way on to the very top of the international musical globe. Their glorious rise from nowhere made people dream that they too could reach heights that had before seemed unachievable.

Being in a Band’ is a semi biographical comedy, flitting from ridiculous incidents to riotous outings. The new band members, ever hopeful that their group ‘Wide Eyed Wonder’ will be picked up by some keen or desperate music executive, embark on a series of eventful gigs that just might get them recognised.

If only it was that easy…

Anthony Scott’s third novel sees him writing pure comedy. One of his author heroes is Tom Sharpe and there is plenty of that magic here to make you chortle.

Being in a Band has now been released. Early feedback is pretty awesome and is introducing new readers into my first two books, On Ashover Hill and The Birthday Gift.

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Anthony Scott

A writer based who spends his time in Upton, Nottinghamshire, and Staithes, North Yorkshire. Now on to my third published book and constantly inspired to write by my faithful readers and the joys of finding new ones! Inspiration comes from all over the place, not least of which my past. I spend my time running my business, Fiducia, and being with my family and friends. What matters most? That we care. I guess that is the real reason I write.

anthony scott

anthony scott
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