Troubador As The Sea Grows Old

Released: 01/09/2012

ISBN: 9781780883175

Format: Paperback

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As The Sea Grows Old


Peter, a 70 year old tailor has divorced his wife, left her the dress-making business that he had created from a small tailor shop and moved to an island to live the remaining period of his life reading. He spends most of his time sitting on a bench facing the sea reminiscing the past. His outside world is summed up in interactions with a cleaner and a coffee shop owner, until he meets a middle aged woman who owns a yacht and carries a parrot with her. His fascination by the woman leads him to a string of questions about himself, the life that he left behind, his past and present towards people and events. 

He came a long way to find peace and tranquility, to live a life that he always craved for; but is this possible while internal dilemmas and turmoil have travelled with him? For Peter, this is the time of recurring questions and self-searching, the time for facing aspects of himself that he had no notion of.  

This book is an account of the complexity of self in banality of the mundane, the depth of emotions on the surface of daily life. 

As Peter watches the sea growing old in its turmoil, moments lost mingle with moments gained…

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