Troubador Arzymass-16

Released: 01/01/2010

ISBN: 9781803130187

Format: Paperback

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Your worst fears realised. The US has imploded. Americans are living in Russia for coupons and shelter. What could possibly go wrong?

Far, far away on the distant planet of Arzymass a group of survivors play the Voyager 1 gold disc. Jubilation all round, they decide to come to Earth and take what’s rightfully theirs! But will Earth give it up?

Join these superpowers in a comedy of errors, mishaps and mistaken identity as everyday Russians and Americans join forces and head for England to prevent world catastrophe. Along the way witness false arrests, trolleybus chases and underground hoedowns. Not to mention an Earth shattering billion-trillion-page transmission received from outer-space. Can Moscow take anymore?

Plots and schemes abound. The president’s up to his neck in astonished aliens. Will humanity make it? What happens next? Find out at the Klin primary. Can everyone live in peace together or are they saved from having to make that dreadful choice. What would you choose? Arzymass, Earth or the bewildering unknown?

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