Troubador Another Life, Another Love

Released: 28/08/2018

ISBN: 9781789015423

Format: Paperback

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Another Life, Another Love


Introducing a heart-wrenching tale of death, betrayal and love in all of its glorious aspects, Another Life, Another Love follows a young woman called Suzanne who struggles to come to terms with all that life throws at her. Written in an intimate manner to bring the reader closer into her world, the book is a well-written drama of life - it’s complexities, its problems, and its tragedies. 

Against such a volatile background, Suzanne struggles with a myriad of conflicting, sometimes bitter, feelings which leave her unable to deal with even the most essential everyday things. Her only reason to continue on is her young son, Joshua, her world. Him, and a long-time family friend, Walter, who is always there, remorselessly driving her on to face life, the good and the bad. He chivvies, he goads, he encourages and...loves her? But does Suzanne want another love with Walter or should she go to France for another life?
With the addition of beautifully written poetry at the beginning of the novel, Another Life, Another Love is a story all readers can relate to and find cathartic in their own troubled times. 

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