Troubador Angel Faces

Released: 28/11/2016

eISBN: 9781785898112

Format: eBook

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Angel Faces

From the Series of Vendicare


Beneath the sight of the public and the media, the organisation Vendicare operates as a truly international task force, taking on the jobs that governments and official bodies refuse to dirty their hands with.

Highly trained, technologically advanced and militarily exceptional, billionaire Vincent Natalie runs a powerful organisation that affects the world on a grand scale. Their latest mission, ‘Angel Faces’, will take them into the heart of hostile territory in Africa to face some of the most influential and feared terrorists of the modern era. But there could be far more at stake for the team on a personal level than they ever imagined...

As the group face the challenge of keeping order and peace on a global scale, will the weight of expectation prove too much for the men and women facing the ultimate responsibility? Combining pulse-pounding action with a deeply emotional human story, Angel Faces is truly a thriller for the 21st century.

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