Troubador An Unforgettable Connection in London

Released: 28/05/2017

ISBN: 9781785893278

Format: Paperback

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An Unforgettable Connection in London


Set in the quaint surroundings of Park Lane, An Unforgettable Connection in London follows Casa, whose world shatters upon receiving a telephone message telling her that her mother Edisana, princess of the African kingdom Asana, has suddenly died. When Casa cannot contact the unknown caller, nor find any evidence of Edisana’s passing from the authorities, she becomes extremely suspicious. Some years previously Casa’s estranged brother Iforto vowed revenge on the family, and she cannot help but wonder whether this could be it. Now Casa, along with her daughter Mayonne, her brother Prince Rupert and her sisters Amantisana and Amandisa, must track down Iforto, wherever he may be in the world, to try and discover what has really happened to their mother. Could he really have harmed her, or is this his idea of a sick joke? But true to form, Iforto does not want to be found easily... Spanning worldwide from the UK to the United States, Russia, Africa and China, An Unforgettable Connection in London is a gripping novel which reflects the true diversity of the society we live in. It will appeal to those with an interest in world cultures.

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