Troubador An English Dilemma

Released: 28/04/2017

ISBN: 9781788037136

Format: Paperback

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An English Dilemma


Set in a post 1992 university, Dr Jenny Jordan, an intelligent, brunette in her thirties, has recently been promoted to Head of English, where she now faces an impossible task– to significantly increase the percentage of students leaving with first class or upper second class degrees. If she fails in this mission, her department will be closed down. Her dilemma is that she will have to adopt less than scrupulous methods to increase the students’ grades so quickly, something that she is reluctant to do. But then a number of her failing students die in ‘accidents,’ and in the absence of any other motive for these deaths, Jenny becomes the top murder suspect. Enter Detective Sergeant Caldicott. Caldicott interviews Dr Jordan as potential murder suspect, only to fall in love with her. The plot develops when the university sends a number of staff, including Jenny, to the Bahamas on a ‘marketing trip’. Caldicott is also in the Bahamas visiting his son. When Caldicott and Jenny meet there, Caldicott attempts to shield her, from what he suspects to be a setup, at the potential loss of his job. On returning to England, Jenny uncovers further deaths. With Caldicott suspended, Jenny decides to work out the solution on her own, which she does successfully. Inevitably someone wants to silence her…

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