Troubador American Redemption

Released: 01/01/2013

ISBN: 9781780883427

Format: Paperback

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American Redemption


This is a compelling personal narrative of a young man consumed by ambition. The story contrasts humor and grief, explores how death impacts individual lives, and reveals how excessive greed brings ruin in its wake. Sex and fidelity are mixed together in a topsy-turvy brew.

Who has not dreamt of fabulous wealth and wondered how to grasp riches and fame? Will Davison did not wonder. With the instincts of a pirate, he pursued money and position, brushing aside the objections of a twin brother, his wife and others. On Wall Street, in the Navy and in his sex life, he grabbed what he wanted, and always more.

Poor Will. Like America he worked hard and was sometimes lucky. But something was twisted, and he didn’t know it. Following the death of his wife, Will entered a dubious relationship with a criminal financier. Little did he realize that this route to wealth would one day lead to the suicide of his brother. When disaster struck he was cut adrift, overwhelmed by loss and crushed by crippling malaise. As he grappled with the truth of his life, he was shadowed by values that had long been rejected. Slowly, with the aid of a woman with a past as murky as his own, he forged a new path from the embers of his shattered life. It was not the one he had dreamed of, but it brought him closer to an acceptance of himself.

The page turning drama unfolds to a climax with a startling revelation and a reaffirmation of the bonds that cement people one to another.

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A gentle journey December 29, 2012
By Richard Gampell

I picked this up on a recommendation and read through it in a single day. It is a gentle reminiscence of a privileged-but-ordinary man's life. For the first half, it flows like a trickle of water advancing down a patch of pavement, with little forks and dead-ends along the way, always pushing forward. You get caught up in watching it, seeing where it will flow next. When the inevitable cliff arrives, the descent remains gentle, as if to say that such things are simply a part of every life's journey. The book invites you (again, gently, without the usual compulsion) to see your own journey in a similar fashion.

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 Richard Wilson

An honors graduate from Princeton University, Richard Wilson first worked on Wall Street before being commissioned in the U.S. Naval Reserve. He attended the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and became an Intelligence officer, retiring from the reserves many years later at the rank of Captain. Among other duties he advised the Joint Chiefs of Staff on strategy in the Vietnam War, for which he was commended, and oversaw planning for basing at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Following active duty he became Vice President of a management consulting firm. Three years later he returned to Princeton to earn M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, specializing in comparative politics and Chinese studies. He was a Lecturer at Princeton before moving to Rutgers University where he was University Director of International Programs and Chairman of the Political Science Department, retiring in 2006 as a Distinguished Professor Emeritus. At Rutgers he authored/edited 14 books from presses such as MIT, Cambridge and The Free Press and 50 articles, chapters in scholarly monographs and reviews. In addition, he also served as Dean of the Chinese School at Middlebury College, was a Senior Fulbright Scholar at Yonsei University in Korea, a permanent guest professor at Jilin University and Xi’an Jiaotong University in China, a visiting scholar at Peking University and at Durham University, and was Editor-in-Chief of East Asia: An International Quarterly. He also owned a highly successful Chinese restaurant. At the present time he is writing novels with his identical twin brother. He currently resides with his wife, Myoung Chung Wilson, in Frenchtown, New Jersey.

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