Troubador Acts & Monuments

Released: 28/02/2019

eISBN: 9781789012910

Format: eBook

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Acts & Monuments


Barry Todd is one of life’s good guys – everybody says so. He works hard for Monument Housing Association to provide the poor and vulnerable with a safe place to live. But, overlooked for promotion and with mounting financial problems, Barry starts to wonder if goodness will ever bring him its own reward. Then the opportunity presents itself to steal fifty thousand pounds of Monument’s money without anyone being able to trace the theft back to him, and Barry finds himself wondering – if nothing bad were to happen to anyone, would being good really matter anymore?

When Monument tenant, Iulia Nicolescu, comes to Barry in desperate need of his help, he sees a chance to try and use some of his ill-gotten gains for good. But ultimately, he can no longer control the chain of events he has set in motion and, with his fate becoming ever more closely entwined with that of Iulia, he is forced into desperate measures to prevent his intricate web of deception from being revealed.

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