Troubador Acts & Monuments

Released: 28/02/2019

ISBN: 9781789016086

eISBN: 9781789012910

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Acts & Monuments


Barry Todd is one of life’s good guys – everybody says so. He works hard for Monument Housing Association to provide the poor and vulnerable with a safe place to live. But, overlooked for promotion and with mounting financial problems, Barry starts to wonder if goodness will ever bring him its own reward. Then the opportunity presents itself to steal fifty thousand pounds of Monument’s money without anyone being able to trace the theft back to him, and Barry finds himself wondering – if nothing bad were to happen to anyone, would being good really matter anymore?

When Monument tenant, Iulia Nicolescu, comes to Barry in desperate need of his help, he sees a chance to try and use some of his ill-gotten gains for good. But ultimately, he can no longer control the chain of events he has set in motion and, with his fate becoming ever more closely entwined with that of Iulia, he is forced into desperate measures to prevent his intricate web of deception from being revealed.

I absolutely loved this book - it is cleverly written with the main character that I instantly became invested in. The story was engaging in so much as to keep me page turning into the wee hours. I would most definitely recommend.

by SHN

I found this book intriguing, with deeper concepts about life (and death) than the first few pages would lead you to expect. Barry is a well rounded character whose actions are very believable when placed in the context of the plot. There are some beautiful passages that lift the reader out of the mundanity of his life. I found some of the financial fraud explanations overwritten a touch and could have been edited out, but that is the only criticism I have of the book. I look forward to reading more by this author.

by Caron

Acts and Monuments is a thought provoking novel. The question of why a good hard working person never gets what they deserve like more money and respect. And, the worst people have everything! This story makes me angry because it's a prime example of what is wrong in the world. I firmly believe that no good deed goes unpunished and nice guys always finish last. It's absolutely true. The story is good because it makes you really think about some things. I recommend this one. Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.

by Jamie Bass

Barry Todd was a good man. Circumstances had led him astray from his image of himself, however. Barry had lost a job opportunity, his son had died, his wife was a harpy, his daughter self-important and his new boss, Langley, a total jerk. Barry managed to use the company he worked for, Monument, to embezzle money to "right" these wrongs. Unfortunately, Barry was still miserable. He became paranoid. Everything good that happened to him was a fraud - he knew it.

One day, Barry found himself in a double blackmail that he was now forced into.

What became of Barry, then?

An excellent story of intrigue and deception - and, of course, suspense!
Many Thanks to Troubadour Publishing and NetGalley for a superb read!

by Janice

Alan Kane Fraser

Alan Kane Fraser was raised and still lives in Birmingham with his wife and family. He has worked for many years in the fields of social housing and homelessness, and has previously written pieces for The Guardian, Inside Housing and The Local Government Chronicle, amongst others, and his stage play, Random Acts of Malice, won the inaugural Derek Lomas Award for Best New Play at the Wellington Literary Festival. As well as writing, Alan is a charity chief executive, husband, father, Anglican priest, and failed rock star who was once punched in the face by Iggy Pop - but that's a whole other story...

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