Troubador According to The Daily Mail

Released: 15/09/2015

eISBN: 9781785894152

Format: eBook

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According to The Daily Mail

The audacious sabotage of tacky tabloid newspapers and trashy TV


A jolly jape. A darkly comic crime caper with a salient social message. Predicated on the puerile piffle characteristic of the tabloid press, this is a refreshingly unique novel. Sharply witty, it brings you suspense, ingenuity, adventure, romance, laugh-out-loud comedy and some sporadic eroticism.? Jonathon is cross about the deleterious effect on impressionable people of the shallow tabloid media and he sets about recruiting some disaffected ex-servicemen to blow up their printing-presses. Another recruit erases all their websites.? An unfortunate coincidence leads Detective Inspector Foot to his door, but Jonathon has a cast-iron alibi and at first he gets away with it. He also recruits someone to hack into some TV programs, and people see titles like ‘why are you watching this rubbish?’ appear on their screens.? Interspersed, he enjoys various adventures with his two children and his naughty new girlfriend, Bianca, and months later the crimes remain unsolved.? Detective Inspector Foot, however, remains sceptical about Jonathon, assumes he is guilty, and sets about uncovering some evidence…

Snippets from the reviews:

"There are few books that one cannot put down until the final page. This is one such novel; a yarn that draws you to the next page, the next chapter, an escapade told with impudence and humour."

"Mr.Simpson has produced a genuine ripping yarn...with a good few chuckles along the way”

"His refreshing use of language, particularly his insightful observations of the minutiae of modern living, declare him as a new and significant voice in the literary world…”

"One of the best books that I have ever read. A brilliant must read. Honest and very funny.”

“Totally hilarious, very hard to put down.”

“...the book's serious intent is agreeably gift-wrapped in some wildly funny writing.”

"Really good story, amazing plot with believable and likeable characters.”

"A most enjoyable read ... a fine balance of humour, wit and social conscience with an excellent storyline.”

"So enjoyable, could not put it down!”

"An extremely jolly jape (as claimed). Very readable… “

"In the Daily Mail book review section, you often find phrases like "Rollicking good read" and "Rattles along" as well as the old favourite "Couldn't put it down". Sadly, the books in question seldom live up to these descriptors. This book is the exception.”

"This is an extremely cleverly written novel…”

"This is extremely funny and the attention to detail in the plans for the attacks raised my eyebrows.”

“...archly amusing and wildly relevant …”

"Dust jackets are notorious for using whatever language possible to encourage a browser to buy. But in this case? It’s perfect. From the back cover: “Sharply witty, it brings you suspense, ingenuity, adventure, romance, laugh-out-loud comedy and some sporadic eroticism.” Yes, it does. Guilty as charged on ALL counts.”

"An easy read, it's funny, clever, with a lively plot and good twists and turns this kept me sneering and grinning throughout.”

"Like one or two other reviewers, I heard echoes of Tom Sharpe - not bad for a first-time novelist.”

"Funny, smart and very entertaining.”

“... it’s an extremely serious message that can be easily delivered to the right audience by the great sense of humour conveyed by the author.”

"In summary, a great novel and I really loved it. We are now reading and reviewing it at our local book club which should make for a fun evening.”

"An easy read that I didn't want to put down as I wanted to know what happened next. It's good fun.”

"The novel entertains and delights with solid story-telling. And there's a real risk that you might laugh out loud too. I did.”

"Really really good read, made me chuckle all the way kept you trying to guess the next twist and turn”

"Very funny!”

"I absolutely loved it. It had me laughing out loud for the for the whole book.”

"More generally, Laurence has written a light, amusing, quickly-paced novel with a serious message behind it. It’s a very easy read, and fun.”

"I was looking forward to an overdue rant about the insidious nature of tabloid reporting and I wasn't disappointed. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that there's much more to this debut novel. Firstly, it's very funny. Secondly, and especially given the nature of the subject, it's an unusually good-natured book. The crime caper that it develops would not sit uneasily in the canon of the Ealing comedies of the past. And with some neat plotting, it's never over till it's over…”

"A must-read antidote to the toxicity of the tabloids. Very funny.”

"A wonderful, silly, pie-in-the-sky premise, cleverly written and with a good helping of sarcasm and acid humour thrown in. All in all a lighthearted, very enjoyable read.”

"Great escapism - how to spend some money in a mischievous way, comical and witty. Great job Laurence I really hope there is more to come.”

"If you’re fed up with the trashy tabloids this will put a smile on your face. Fast paced and very funny, this is a highly enjoyable book and very well written. Brilliant fun, witty and exciting - I can’t wait for the next one.”

"Manages to be both funny and thought provoking. Recommended!”

"A really laugh out loud fab book.”

"I found this book entertaining and intriguing throughout. A jolly good read.”

"I think I would have enjoyed this book even if I didn't hate the Daily Mail. But I do really, really hate the Daily Mail so I enjoyed it a lot. It's funny, well written and gives us a glimpse of a world in which we'd all like to live. One without the Daily Mail.”

" A slightly preaching tone in the early chapters reveals the author’s deep seated disdain for tabloid journalism, populist television and ‘dumbing down’ of any kind, but this is delightfully compensated by a wicked sense of humour.”

"According to the Daily Mail is a light and extremely enjoyable read, but one with a serious comment on contemporary values at its heart.”

"Very well written.”

"A well thought out charming story that leaves you guessing how it will end. Couldn't put it down once I started.”

"A cracking read.”

"As I read it I couldn't help comparing it to other authors I've read and enjoyed, and so, here are my thoughts :
Tom Sharpe would've made it more ludicrous and farcical, and possibly dirtier
Ben Elton would've made it darker and more bitingly satirical, and possibly dirtier
Laurence has written a lighter, and thus easier to enjoy story.
I liked it - A Lot !”

"A very witty and laugh out loud page turner from a new author.”

"An excellent first novel and I cannot wait to read the next.”

"I must admit, I loved this book. It has the right balance of humour, drama, and audacity. I found it a real page turner, I couldn't wait to find out where it would go next. If this is Mr Simpson's first attempt at a novel, I can't wait to see where he'll go next.”

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Laurence Simpson

Laurence Simpson spent most of his working life in advertising, where he was known as ‘Loz’ and where he won numerous major awards in London, Cannes and New York.

He lives in Surrey with his wife, whose hobbies include blowing out nearside front tyres by mounting the kerb at speed, smashing headlamp units by driving into the backs of other peoples’ cars and, counter-productively, losing her car keys.

He has a mother in Melbourne, a stepmother in Sussex, a mother-in-law in Moscow, two children in Sydney and two children in London, in his relentless pursuit of the simple life.

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