Troubador Aalot's Revenge

Released: 28/09/2016

ISBN: 9781785893049

Format: Paperback

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Aalot's Revenge


Aalot, a super intelligent boy, is bitter about the condition he finds himself in. He blames his parents for his severely disabled state. With little regard for him, their selfish ways prompt Aalot to teach them a lesson. he decides to infiltrate the minds of his parents by adapting the technology that aids him. In a dystopian world faced with an increasing population, there are no solutions except to take advantage of the use of artifical intelligence. Having taken control of his father, he causes him to risk everything by launching an illegal project to reintroduce human-like robots as a solution to the shortage of carers for the elderly. Both illegal and highly controversial, the project reignites past fear regarding what are referred to only as the ‘troubles’, situations that occurred when robots became totally independent. Inspired by science fiction authors such as Stephen King and Isaac Asimov, Aalot’s Revenge raises serious questions about how to deal with an increasing ageing population. This book offers a frightening, yet fascinating, insight into artifical intelligence, a topic of growing discussion in recent years. Aalot’s Revenge will appeal to fans of science fiction novels, as well as those with an interest in technological advances.

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I was lucky to read the book in advance. It is a book about what our world is facing today. with ageing population managing the old age. it is tricky. will the human alike robots be the answr.?. It is narrated very well through young Aalot's point of view. I'm confident there will be series to come attracting many readers arou nd the globe.

by Tash

I was given an advance copy of Aalot’s Revenge which turned out to be a mesmerising read aimed at Young Adults although I feel sure that older readers would also enjoy this dystopian novel.
Aalot is quadriplegic and has a tendency to be logical rather than emotional. With an intellect very advanced for his years, and aided and abetted by his friend, Lavanya, Aalot begins the process of revenge on his parents who have always neglected him by putting their careers and reputation first.
Employing a self-invented digital ability, Aalot is able to secretly influence his parents and sets out to discredit them.
Set against a background of past ‘troubles’, which is the name given to something that happened in the past involving androids, Aalot is also introduced to a remote and secretive figure who becomes an adversary that he is only too ready to take on.
All this is related in a flowing narrative, with hard facts absorbed into the story enabling an entertaining read. And, excitingly, there has been talk of a second ‘Aalot’ book and I can’t wait.

by Lynne Lowes

A very easy to read and well balanced book, addressed at young adults as well as adults.

by Tim

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