Troubador A Slim Chance

Released: 02/12/2016

eISBN: 9781785898006

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A Slim Chance


Four women meet at a Manchester university party in 1975 and become close friends. Over the following thirty years, their lives are shaped by their childhoods, their relationships with men, and the backdrop of rapid changes in society for women. 

When one of the four, Linda Hammond, is found dead, suspicion falls on her use of Svelte, a widely prescribed slimming drug linked to numerous deaths. Also in the frame of suspicion is an eminent cardiologist who arranged an illegal abortion for Linda when he was a medical student, the knowledge of which could finish his career. 

Concerns about the high number of deaths amongst Svelta users are picked up by two investigative journalists. They uncover the manipulation of the clinical trial data on which the drug was licensed and the readiness of Sipher Pharmaceutical to rebut any concern over the drug’s safety. 

Linda’s death dramatically changes all the women’s lives, laying bare deceit, a lack of personal integrity and corporate greed.

A Slim Chance is a thriller set in the period 1970 – 2005 where roles and expectations for women were determined by the social order of the times. The female characters will be readily identified by many women who lived through this period. Turning back the consequences of aging and the willingness of the pharmaceutical industry to ruthlessly exploit the pressure to stay young provides a chilling storyline which says much about the society we live in. is a blog to co-incide with the publication of A Slim Chance on December 2nd 2016. It is targeted at women 40+ and will contain articles/comment/viewpoint on the issues women face. Initial topics will be those highlighted by the storyline in A Slim Chance.

Great read - women's rights in the U.K. in the 1970s

This was an enjoyable read - interesting characters, storylines and backdrop. It gives an insight into women's issues and rights in the U.K. in the 1970s. The characters are well developed and the plot is realistic and fleshed out nicely. I look forward to finding out more and hope for a sequel.

by Amazon Customer

Very good book. The lives of the women pulled apart and pushed together. Lots of life, laughter and plot to get your teeth into. Would be good as a saga.

by NetGalley reviewer

How complex and complicated our lives can become! I really enjoyed this story of a group of four friends and their interwoven lives over a period of some years but couldn't help noticing that all the men in the story were baddies at heart! Even so, a great read.

by NetGalley review

I was drawn in from the first heartbreaking pages. A book about women friendships heartbreak & issues all women will relate to.a real page turner.

by Netgalley reviewer

Enjoyable and Fun
Posted on January 6, 2017 by athenabitesback
Four women meet at university and become close friends. The story starts with the death of one of them and subsequently delves into the back stories of all four of them.
It’s difficult for me to write this review, because none of the characters are particularly likeable, some are likely sociopaths and others experts in making ridiculous choices.

But…I couldn’t stop reading the book; it was enjoyable and fun.

The ending might suggest a follow-up and I would definitely read it.

Thank you Netgalley, Matador and Elizabeth Harrison for the ARC.

by Net Galley Reviewer

Excellent Read

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. After a gripping first chapter, the journey back into the sixties and seventies gradually developed the characters and their backgrounds. Once the plot was back up to the present day it transformed into a crime thriller and in the end I just couldn't put it down.

by Amazon Customer

A very good read - I thoroughly enjoyed it
8 February 2017

A very good read - I thoroughly enjoyed it. After the initial chapter, I thought the story and characters were a little slow to develop but the pace soon picked up and it became compulsive reading. An interesting reminder of 70s attitudes to women. I wish there had been at least one thoroughly decent man. There must have been a few in the 70s and 80s! Looking forward to the sequel.

by Sandra Taylor - Amazon purchase

Intriguing, willing you to read on….

Four young women with different backgrounds and personalities born in the 1950s come together in their student days. Much of the description of the time and the pattern of their individual lives is familiar to me. They all become intertwined with the development of the plot beginning with the death of Linda.The subsequent narrative is intriguing and plausible willing you to read on until you arrive at the conclusion. However not all is resolved…………..perhaps there is more to tell.

by Anne - Google Books

Elizabeth  Harrison

Liz Buxton and Dee Harrison and have been friends since the age of five. From a shared background of school, marriage, children, and then divorce, they have gone on to pursue quite different careers and lifestyles, but have always kept in touch.

Dee has worked in IT and built two successful software companies. Liz has had a freelance career as a Furniture Designer to the manufacturing industry as well as training as a Yachtmaster and living on a sailing boat for five years.

This is their first novel together.

Elizabeth Buxton and Dee Harrison are co-authors.
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