Troubador A Judgement on a Life

Released: 28/09/2019

eISBN: 9781838599904

Format: eBook

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A Judgement on a Life


A Judgement on a Life is the continuing tale of Tom, Annie and Ambrosia and the twins the three of them made. It is the story of their happy times together. It is the story of their continued fear and hatred of Sir Peter, and the story of Sir Peter’s hatred for Tom, his obsession with Tom’s ‘Melancholy’ and his love for Tom’s dead mother. 

It is the sad story of how Sir Peter took Annie away from Tom, and of how he took his daughters too, of how Ambrosia was shot, crippled, and lost Tom’s baby, of how Mr. Monroe, Tom’s protector, was killed, and of how his sons resolved to avenge him. 

It is the story of three damaged men, of their meeting, of their friendship, of their hatred for Sir Peter, and their love for those they lost. It is the story of their revenge. 

It is the story of the plans they made, and the story of how not everything went right. It is the story, most of all, of how everything went wrong. But they did get the girls back. But they didn’t get Annie back, and Sir Peter was still alive. The story wasn’t ended.

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