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Released: 03/02/2014

ISBN: 9781783063048

Format: Paperback

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A Different World


It’s the year 2030 and civilisation is faced with a dramatic change that could alter their lifestyles forever. When the oil starts to run out, its not just the power that goes, it’s all the things that make life worth living. All the ‘stuff’ that people fill their homes with, even the necessities like food and drink, become rationed as the small shops in the High Street start to reopen, one by one. How will Jonjay and his family survive this new world? New kinds of energy – some of which is based on recycled waste – become available as an alternative to the fossil fuel energy, but will life ever be the same again for this loving family? Meanwhile, in Africa, Limpo escapes the forest fires that consume his home and family. Will he be able to make a new life for himself, and for this lost country? The parallel story that mirrors Jonjay and his family represents the struggle to keep their respective families alive and well in such a lost, diminishing world.

This striking novella captures a very realistic account of a potential future circumstance and includes a foreword by Paul Allen, Project Director Zero Carbon Britain, Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth. A Different World focuses on our misconception of the way we use our energy resources and would interest adult modern contemporary fiction readers with a secondary appeal to young adults. Using the controversial issue of renewable energy as the central focal point, author Ruth demonstrates the need for an alternative technology that will help people adapt to a new way of life.

My book, "Organic Gardening -A Guide for Beginners" - first published in 1996 - is still very popular and is now in its third edition- described by the RSPB as invaluable and inspirational.

I have a review for A Different World from Nick Anderson, editor of the Green Health Watch magazine, part of which as follows:-
"Imagine. It's 2030 and after fifty years of denial by the three Grey Parties, oil and gas become impossibly expensive, the electricity supply is off more than on, fuel stations run out of petrol and diesel regularly and supermarkets are out of food much of the time - protest vote - Radical party.
Author Ruth Jacobs allows herself to imagine just this, and to also imagine how a family might react and cope.
Ruth cleverly users her tale, "A Different World" to introduce the reader to a myriad of "Green" steps families and local communities can take to cope with much reduced levels of gas and fuel and electricity. And,most importantly, bring hope that a society still very dependent on oil can adapt and survive a sudden huge drop in affordable oil, and move forward into a cleaner, healthier. more community-based world.
(Recommended for older children)

U3A Magazine, Summer 2014

Books Monthly, April/May

The Jewish Telegraph – Liverpool News

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Ruth Jacobs

I started Liverpool Organic Gardeners in 1984 and edited their newsletter for several years.I lectured at the W.E.A. on organic gardening and give talks on environmental subjects, often invited onto advisory panels on these subects. I have worked at Chelsea Flower Show as a volunteer for Garden Organic. I was on the Daily Post advisory team at Southport Flower Show for some years. I am a freelance writer - articles, humorous sketches and poems and two books. I was evacuated during the war and developed a deep and lasting love for nature and the natural world - only confirmed by my subsequent life in the "urban jungle". (Sorry, no photos) .

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