Troubador Theory of Everything in Outline

Released: 01/07/2012

ISBN: 9781780882390

Format: Paperback

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Theory of Everything in Outline

And The Most Important Condition


In the improved book, Lechowski updates and supplements his observations contained in 'Three Indispensable Steps of the Theory of Everything'. He tries to give a clue to all the riddles of the universe on grounds of logical thinking, intuition and scientific conquers. He refutes all known to him theories on the Universe, proposing his own point of view that eliminates doubts, contradictions and some assumptions connected with micro-world and macro-world. He shows that infinities as well as more than three dimensions in nature cannot be possible and attaches importance of the elementary building block of all forms of matter. In addition to that, Lechowski points out the only possible source of UFO's propulsion, assuming they exist. 

Lechowski is also the author of 'Definition of Time'. 

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