Troubador The Universe is a Machine

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785892714

Format: Paperback

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The Universe is a Machine


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This book, in the form of a treatise, explores the “smoking gun” clue that a distinct mechanical process was present in the aftermath of the Big Bang, superimposed on the thermodynamic and nuclear processes associated with the evolution of the early Universe. And that the dynamic behaviour of the early Universe mimicked that of a symmetrical body having mechanical properties.

This conjecture challenges the current scientific orthodoxy that antimatter was completely destroyed in the aftermath of the Big Bang. The clues for this conjecture are contained within the cosmic microwave background radiation echo left over from the Big Bang. A novel solution is proposed for what happened to all the antimatter, why it is still extant within the Universe, and why its presence has never been detected. The very profound deduced consequences of this are also explored, offering new perspectives on mechanical aspects of the evolution of the early Universe, including inflation, conditions surrounding primordial nuclear fusion, the formation of the first spinning galaxies or superstars, the formation of a cold dark zone, the formation of black holes in galaxies, the conundrum of dark matter, and a possible future doomsday scenario for the fate of the Universe.

This book may offer food for thought for some physicists who claim that aspects of physics are currently in a cul-de-sac and that a totally new perspective may be required. The perspectives contained in this book may be the first step out of that cul-de-sac.

The Universe Is A Machine is written for those scientists and engineers who have an interest in cosmology. It assumes basic prior knowledge of fundamental concepts in mechanics and physics, and a familiarity with elementary differential and integral calculus is required for the appendices. Many explanatory illustrations are included.

A quick understanding of the reasoning behind the main content of the book can be obtained by simply reading the Preface, and then Appendix H - A Summary Explanation.

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Fantastic book. The points made all seem to make perfect, logical sense - and backed up with the maths to prove it. The theory answers many open-ended questions in astro-physics. Definitely worth a read!

by Benedict

James Hughes

The author is a Cambridge alumnus, and is a chartered engineer with many years of experience as a practising mechanical engineer in consultancy and in a wide variety of industries.

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