Troubador The Paradox of Human Nature and Religious Faith

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781800461154

eISBN: 9781800468368

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Paradox of Human Nature and Religious Faith


This is a book for our time. The advent of Covid-19 is turning our world upside down and highlighting the paradoxical nature of human behaviour. A minority of thoughtless people are indulging in selfish activities that threaten our safety, whilst NHS workers heroically risk their own lives to save others. In South Africa members of rival drug gangs, who would normally kill each other without a second thought, have called a truce and are now working together in order to ensure that food is distributed to needy families.  

Human nature is paradoxical because it is capable of perceiving both the finite (secular) and infinite (spiritual) which are juxtaposed within the context of reality. What makes this book different is that spirituality is not considered to be other-worldly. What we refer to as the secular and the spiritual are viewed as ‘two sides of a coin’ that co-exist as part of one reality, within the context of temporality. Both contribute to what we perceive to be a sense of ‘self’. They are different perceptions of consciousness that influence human behaviour through conscious and subconscious processes. 

The aim of this book is to consider the factors that contribute to the paradoxical nature of being human and to explore the issues that cloud our perceptions and cause confusion. It proffers a vision of how a religious faith can be made intelligible at a time when the majority of people, living in our postmodern age, consider it to be irrelevant.

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