Troubador Summer Skool

Released: 28/06/2016

ISBN: 9781785892363

Format: Paperback

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Summer Skool

Pupils – 40 ways they’re good at being bad


A teacher’s chance discovery of a pupil’s MP3 reveals a recording of a boy’s week at the outlandish Summer Skool, where boys go to learn how to manage teachers. At Summer Skool, a secretive group of lecturers teach pupils the art of low-level misbehaviour. The Skool’s Vice Principal, his Assistant Deputy, the downtrodden Mr Godfrey and a bombastic, retired Major General Cuthbert-Butterworth maintain that secondary pupils are on a mission – ‘The Mission’ – to reduce the amount of academic learning imposed by today’s curriculum. The boys learn 40 specially-designed tactics, including the ‘Snitch-and-Snatch’, the ‘Bell Rush’ and the ‘Double-Bubble’, to slow down lessons and stress-test the education system. Throughout the book the boys test out their new-found skills on Mr Godfrey, who is only just saved by the bell. Summer Skool demonstrates that while ‘The Mission’ might work well, most teachers are worthy opponents. This humorous and fictional account will forewarn newly-qualified teachers of the tactics they can expect to face during their early years of teaching. Ideal for anyone interested in the teaching profession, Summer Skool will help them learn the tactics employed by the children of today.

The author is currently writing a series of mathematical adventures for younger readers.

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Edmund  Irons

Former PR copywriter.

After 25 years in industry the author switched careers to teach secondary school mathematics. Flabbergasted by the ways schools operate, he created the outlandish Summer Skool using humour to express the frustrations with behaviour and heavy workloads he and many teaching colleagues face.

Aimed at fellow teachers - a light approach to a serious issue affecting teaching today.

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