Troubador Raising the Dead

Released: 28/05/2021

ISBN: 9781800463448

Format: Paperback

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Raising the Dead

England’s Unique Treasure


Domesday Book is a massive collection of statistics in two million words and has been described as “the most comprehensive array of social and economic data… possibly from the planet”, a unique and never-again-repeated achievement of world-heritage status and, though not as large as the pyramids of Egypt or the Great Wall of China, unique to England. In spite of two centuries (and more) of scholarly speculations and diligent translations it has never actually been read – no-one can make sense of the statistics it contains and some have claimed it was a waste of time! There are just twenty words, in two places, which provide the key to opening-up the translation and, up to now, they have gone unremarked. Why? Well that is part of the detective story. Here is the key to reading it, for the first time in 900 years!  

Though Raising the Dead contains a serious archaeological discovery, it nevertheless reads like a novel, like a search for a lost tomb and a buried treasure. At the heart of this search is a hidden clue: just twenty words in two million will unlock the tomb and from there, it is a matter of code-breaking in order to search out the treasure. The step-by-step logic makes this the ideal book for the classroom and also for non-specialist readers, making light of the logic and statistics required to detect this secret repository.

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Arthur  Wright

After 30 years in provincial museums and 10 with an outreach service I have had experience of agricultural, maritime, military and social history, crafts, conservation, archaeology, exhibitions and living history. It was in the 1970's that I came under the spell of Domesday Book to discover (like many others) that the 'experts' know virtually nothing about it, so I set out to solve the riddle. It has always been my belief that 'nothing which happened in the past is dead to the man who would know how the present came to be what it is'. The solution turned out to be unequivocal, not a matter of scholastic opinion but one of arithmetic, since when the

'experts' have done their best to silence me.

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