Troubador On the Right Lines

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788038072

Format: Paperback

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On the Right Lines


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On the Right Lines tells the story of Chris Rayward and his lifelong love of model engineering. Being encouraged to save for a lathe when he was fourteen, the book tells the story of the author’s formative years, his early hobbies with Meccano, miniature railways and boat building. It goes on to detail his widespread experiences as a youngster in Australia and his subsequent technical achievements as a qualified mechanical engineer.


The book traces his expanding interest in making innovative engineering models, how his designs began to draw notice in publications such as the Model Engineer and Engineering in Miniature, and how this paved the way to other designs he supported and continues with his trading name of Hotspur Designs. The author also details how this led him on to be Technical Editor for the Engineering in Miniature magazine and how he enjoyed that role for thirteen years.


Throughout the narrative, the author also reflects on the need for a balance in retirement; how the social aspect of work is sorely missed when left behind without a pastime that is more than just a transient interest to sustain both mind and soul. He offers sound advice on how to maintain both.

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