Troubador Not Goats… Children!

Released: 28/01/2015

ISBN: 9781784621186

Format: Paperback

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Not Goats… Children!

Tactical Tips From A Teacher


Written as a collection of ideas, tips and suggestions for the education of primary school children, Not Goats... Children! contains three core messages for any teacher. Focusing firstly on the concept of respect, Callaghan explores the importance of adults respecting children – not just children respecting adults. The second message highlights the need for the teaching of the English language in England to be more heavily weighted within the curriculum. Thirdly, with a higher awareness of obesity in children, Callaghan looks at the importance of sport in education; encouraging good health, fighting obesity and teaching good ‘sporting’ behaviour. The book aims to provide helpful tips to make the classroom environment not only more productive and successful, but also a happier place – demonstrating that serious teaching doesn’t always need to be carried out in a solemn atmosphere! Not Goats... Children! will appeal to all teachers, old and young, as well as to those interested in education more generally, such as parents of young children. This book aims to provide support and a helping hand to any teacher looking to create the best atmosphere for learning.

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