Troubador Greenglow

Released: 28/04/2015

eISBN: 9781784627065

Format: eBook

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& the search for gravity control


This book describes an exciting, but unfinished scientific adventure story. It tells of the epic struggle by scientists to wrest the secrets from nature of how to control the force of electromagnetism and how to control aerodynamic forces. Control of the force of gravity has yet to be achieved. Analogies suggest where a breakthrough might be made. Greenglow & the search for gravity control follows the attempts mankind has made over the years to understand gravity as well as looking at more recent experiments to control it. The book is written by an engineer, who worked in the aerospace industry, and who persuaded BAE Systems to sponsor Project Greenglow, a small research programme aimed at investigating some ideas for controlling gravity. Based on analogies in nature, the book provides a road map for scientists, engineers and the general public who want to know more about gravity and our search to control it. Discovering nature’s secrets is an exciting, but unfinished story – there is much we still don’t know. The book describes the quest by scientists to gain control of gravity and electromagnetism, the two long-range forces of nature. Faraday discovered the secret of electromagnetic control. Newton began the search for gravity control, later continued by Einstein, but it eluded them. One day the secret will be discovered either by careful experimentation or, as is often the case, by stumbling across it by chance. In the future it is expected that gravity control will underpin a new method of propulsion and this book concludes with a look at some possible forms. Greenglow is a fascinating read for any aerospace engineers, physicists, experimental research scientists, science journalists, science historians, futurologists, UFO enthusiasts, Star Trekkies and general public interested in the breakthrough in understanding of how to control gravity.

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