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Effective Realism 2nd Edition

In Praise of Intuition

by P H Kinslow
Released: 28th February, 2014
Since the commencement of the twentieth century, science became inundated with counter intuitive concepts. However, all genuine science is based on man’s intuitive realism which evolved for the purpose of enabling homo sapiens to understand physical reality through sensory experience.

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The genesis of the concepts of genuine intuitive realism is in the unconscious in which ongoing and stored sensory experiences are analysed and intuitive realistic concepts are transferred to the mind purged of the specialised sciences at variance with physical realism. The effectiveness of its concepts depends upon the quality of the analysis in the unconscious. Consequently, it has been my preoccupation for many years, to study with growing disparagement, those many concepts of the specialised sciences, which from the beginning of the twentieth century, run counter to intuitive realism. Examples of concepts countering intuitive realism are; that motion dilates time and contracts lengths; that time and space are not separate but welded together; that bodies can be at two places at the same time; that what we see is not physical reality but a rendition of that reality in our brain and that a horse shoe can make a blacksmith. It is time that intuition is credited with the praise it deserves and there needs to be a cutting down to size of counter intuitive science. I have examined and revealed flaws in such prevailing counter intuitive realistic theories as special relativity; general relativity; QED; string theory; cerebral visual rendition, and natural selection. I propose alternative scientific concepts which do not conflict with intuitive realism.

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