Troubador Designing and Developing Products through Knowledge Transfer Collaborations

Released: 01/03/2014

ISBN: 9781783062638

Format: Paperback

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Designing and Developing Products through Knowledge Transfer Collaborations


Using case studies ranging from medical devices to construction products, this book offers a detailed insight into the ways in which new products can be developed through ‘knowledge transfer’ (KT) collaborations between manufacturers and universities. KT collaborations are not simply aimed at developing new products; their ultimate goal is to improve the partners’ knowledge of the product field and to pass on that knowledge to others in appropriate ways. This book examines some of the tensions inherent in such an arrangement and the ways of addressing them. The insights offered by this book will improve understanding about the ways in which commerce and academia can work together and about the design methods required when working to international standards.This understanding will be useful not only to industrial designers and design researchers, but also to those involved in developing medical devices designed to be used by patients. The book was developed as a way of forming a body of Anthony’s design research papers into a narrative that addresses many of the current tensions and debates concerning the relationship between design academics and manufacturing companies.

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Anthony Crabbe

Anthony Crabbe is Reader in Design at Nottingham Trent University. He has worked on a wide range of knowledge transfer collaborations involving not only “hard” products such as rotationally moulded ones for the construction sector, but also more “virtual” ones, such as telephone voting systems. His knowledge transfer work with manufacturing companies has been supported by a variety of UK and EU funding agencies as well as venture capital providers, including Deloitte and 3i plc. He has published numerous papers about the theory and practice of design as well as papers on topics concerning more general aspects of visual culture, such as museums, cinema and the representation of time.

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