Troubador Decoding Dyslexia

Released: 01/12/2008

ISBN: 9781906510510

Format: Paperback

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Decoding Dyslexia

14 Programes for Helping Dyslexia and the Hidden Ingredient They Share


Based on a 5-year research project on the shared 'active ingredients' of 14 successful methods for helping children with dyslexia, this book outlines three major theories on dyslexia before describing 14 different programmes. It describes the research method adopted to study these methods with the resulting 'common denominators' found in practice.

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Jennifer Poole

Jennifer Poole is an independent chartered psychologist researcher and writer, with a First Class BSc Hons degree from Portsmouth University, UK , and a PhD from Exeter University, UK. She works exclusively within an ecological/interactive paradigm, uniting apparently disparate research findings to form innovative and practical solutions to health, educational and developmental issues. She has written three books: Decoding dyslexia, An ecological theory of autism and

Jennifer Poole

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