Troubador Beginner's COBIT Companion

Released: 23/11/2009

ISBN: 9781848763081

Format: Paperback

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Beginner's COBIT Companion


Beginner's COBIT Companion provides a gentle introduction to COBIT 4.1, the IT Governance framework from ISACA; it contains a wealth of useful information for any reader new to the subject.

The principle chapters are short, and to-the-point, providing just enough information to quickly give the reader an understanding of the fundamentals of COBIT 4.1; in fact, most readers should be pleasantly surprised at just how quickly they can get up-to-speed on COBIT 4.1 using this book.

The appendices, which make up a large part of this book, contain the extra details that might be needed later, once the basics have been mastered, to progress to the next level. A revision guide for the COBIT 4.1 Foundation Examination has also been included, along with two, forty-question, mock exams.

The inclusion of extensive extracts from the original COBIT 4.1 manual, licensed from ISACA/ITGI, ensures that the reader can start to familiarise themselves with the concepts, terminology, and phraseology found in the official COBIT 4.1 literature.

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This is a very good introduction to COBIT. The early chapters are short and to-the-point, giving you the basics, while avoiding the 'information overload' that is so often present in such technical publications. Further detail can be found in the appendices; including a substantial COBIT Foundation Exam revision section, and two practice exams, amongst many other things. The book also provides pointers to other COBIT-related publications needed for more advanced study or to support a COBIT implementation. Having reviewed some of the COBIT info on the ISACA website I can say that this book really brings together a LOT of disparate information into one place, which can save you a lot of time and trouble hunting for things, printing them out, and putting them in a binder. Also, the author has a website,, which provides a number of free downloads such as a COBIT Learning Plan that explains how best to use the book to learn COBIT, and another practice exam. All the exams are quite tricky in places, a couple of the questions took me absolutely ages to solve, even with the book open in front of me, so in the end I was really forced to learn COBIT very thoroughly, which was just what I needed. Overall, this nicely presented book is a very good place to start learning about COBIT.

by James Smith

Good book. Broad content. Covers basics well. Value for money.

by Maria Schafe

A comprehensive book on COBIT; suitable for both the novice, as well as the more experienced COBIT professional. It contains a LOT of useful information, especially in the appendices. The main chapters cover the basics well and attempt to simplify, where possible, some of the more unwieldy aspects of COBIT which would just overload the novice. The book identifies related publications that would be needed by more experienced users for specific tasks such as an implementation or an audit. Case study summaries help you understand how others have used COBIT in their businesses. COBIT exam revision materials and mock tests have also been included. At 384 pages, this is quite a big book but it is still an accessible read, and a good reference to keep at hand for all things COBIT. Would I recommend it ? Yes!

by A. Molina, Italy

Everything you need to know about COBIT 4.1 in a single book. Great for managers, like me, that need to understand the basics. Very good value for money, especially when you buy the ebook version.

by Terry Jones

Beginner's COBIT Companion provides a very good introduction to COBIT. The book is clearly focused on COBIT, and only COBIT, not the wider field of IT Governance. COBIT is considered the pre-eminent IT Governance framework. The field of IT Governance could be considered to be larger than just COBIT but this book does not try to go beyond its stated remit. Information is clearly presented and well laid out. The book contains many illustrations to aid understanding. Most notably, it includes a revision guide for the COBIT Foundation Exam, and two mock tests. The main chapters are short and to-the-point, designed to get the reader up-to-speed quickly and efficiently. The book is competitively priced. Currently there are no other introductory books on COBIT that are aimed squarely at the beginner/novice, and so, in that respect, this book is somewhat unique.

by J. P. Renoir

This is the perfect book for executives (Board of Directors, C-Suite, etc) that need to get up to speed on COBIT 4.1, the IT Governance framework from ISACA. The book covers the basics well, and tries to shield the reader from some of the more complex/confusing aspects of the framework. One example of how this book simplifies the learning process relates to how it explains the COBIT processes; each process can be simultaneously at a range of maturity levels, termed a maturity profile, given that there are 34 processes and 6 maturity levels, 0 to 5, there are, therefore, 204 descriptions that would ordinarily need to be understood. To simplify the understanding of this, the book focuses on just the most mature level, level 5, also known as 'optimized', so that the reader can better understand what will, most likely, be the ultimate goal of many organizations. The lower levels of maturity exist to allow an understanding of where an organization's processes currently are, and the gap to where they should ideally be; however, such matters are the core of an actual COBIT implementation, an activity that comes after the basics of COBIT have been mastered, i.e. after this book. To support a complete understanding of this particular aspect of COBIT, details of the full maturity level descriptions are provided for two example COBIT processes. The book also contains detailed responsibilities for all key roles, 2 mock exams, and a copy of the official COBIT 4.1 glossary. Overall, this is a comprehensive introduction to the subject; a 'must read' for everyone that has an interest in, or a responsibility for, IT Governance. Highly recommended.

by CIO, Large MNC

T. Gilling

I am a forward-looking information technologist that wants to re-invent personal computing for the 21st century, and, by so doing, make the world a better, more equitable, place. I believe that my open-source-based Stream Tone concept, described in my non-fiction book, The STREAM TONE: The Future of Personal Computing?, can help to bridge the digital divide, connect the unconnected, and bring the Internet, personal computing, and Web to the next billion people. In very simple terms, the Stream Tone is about ensuring that the future is more evenly distributed. It is a bold goal, to be sure, but one that can definitely be achieved if we all work together to make it happen.

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