Troubador A Little Human's View

Released: 01/12/2017

eISBN: 9781788030861

Format: eBook

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A Little Human's View

The Truth of Existence, True Values and The Necessity of Creating a Healthy Human Culture


Isn’t it extraordinary that existence exists! 

I expect that many people throughout the ages, and you, will have thought this. Could this singular perception, a profound levelling experience, be valuable for showing us our intimate connection with the whole of existence, with each other? 

Human beings have also commonly wondered: what is existence all about, what truly matters and is of value in life, and why can’t we all live well together? A Little Human’s View: The Truth of Existence, True Values and The Necessity of Creating a Healthy Human Culture considers these essential questions, questions which we have probably thought about individually and privately, or have had answered for us by various traditions, but questions which the author suggests we urgently need to engage with freshly together. Why? Because there is so much suffering and disorder in life of our own making – surely, a failure of human culture. 

Crucially, it is proposed that in order for us to make sense of the enormous complexity of existence and of human life in particular, we need to be able to see things, as best we can, as they truly are – life without truth is ultimately chaotic and meaningless. Equally, living ethically and in harmony with other people and with the earth is the only way in which our lives can be worthwhile both in our day-to-day and in the long run. As is evident to most people however the vital concepts of truth and ethics are routinely disregarded and abused in human thinking and behaviour. This book is therefore a heartfelt inquiry and a call for us to create a healthy culture, a civilization worthy of its name. Little Human is me, you, us – it really is up to us to create together a meaningful life for all.

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